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Serial Killers’ Motivation for Committing Crimes

Any ill-treatment of people leads to various consequences, but they all have one thing in common – damage to health or danger to their lives. The question of this study is what exactly motivates serial killers to commit crimes. The relevance of the issue is dictated by the fact that there is little literature that will help to trace the trend towards the occurrence of violent serial murders, as well as the fact that it is difficult to determine who exactly can be called a serial killer. The study was conducted by sampling from databases about murderers who committed a series of at least three murders. The results demonstrate that some serial killers have head trauma, another part probably has this type of damage, and only a tiny amount of the killers commit crimes that are not caused by head injury.

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Based on the data presented in the article, it can be concluded that most rapist-murderers who have committed a series of crimes have psychological or psychophysical problems due to the stress experienced in childhood. I agree with this result since many childhood psychological traumas cause individuals many problems in adulthood. The problem is that murders attract special attention after they become serial, and it is almost impossible to guess when the next one will be completed.

Undoubtedly, it is necessary to carefully study the motives of murderers and their psychophysiological features that encourage them to commit crimes. The limitations for future research are that it is difficult to find publicly available information about the number of crimes and the motives of murderers. In addition, serial murders are committed less frequently than many other types of crimes, and therefore it is challenging to trace certain factors or psychological aspects. It is necessary to use modern research methods to achieve a particular result or specific statistical data.

The topic of psychosocial aspects of serial killers was chosen following my professional interest and the broader topic studied in the classroom. The professional interest lies in exploring the psychology of murderers and what psychological and mental aspects encourage them to commit serial murders. As for the topic of life expectancy itself, the issue of shortening people’s lives due to murderers is also relevant. Moreover, this topic was chosen because the problem is acute and requires detailed study, despite the lack of information.

The topic of life expectancy is essential and relevant; the issue of murders, especially serial ones, is directly related to the global topic of life span. The dependence of these topics lies in the fact that murderers forcibly shorten people’s lifetime, and serial killers do it en masse. An in-depth study of the psychological factors that encourage murderers to commit crimes can help take preventive measures against people who have similar diseases. If a person has suffered a head injury or has specific psychological abnormalities, they can be attributed to potential killers who need to be monitored.

The public and professionals should take care of this topic for various reasons. Serial murders, although rare, still leave a profound mark on society. The lives of many people are in danger at once; in addition, many families suffer from the loss of loved ones at the same time. Therefore, it is in the interests of the general public to monitor suspicious people living or being nearby. Professionals should also be aware of the risks from people with specific mental and psychological disabilities, as this will help prevent the killing of people and increase the overall statistics of the population’s life expectancy.

In conclusion, the problem of insufficient data to investigate the motives of serial murders is urgent as it entails other issues. For example, the inability to study the factors influencing the psychological state generates the desire to hurt and kill people. In addition, it is necessary to assess how much childhood head injuries in childhood impact murderers. The importance of the issue is dictated by the fact that professionals should know what psychological deviations are the potential for murderers.

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