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Setting Description Within a Dramatic Plot

The delicious restaurant is situated on a very busy street in the town center. On its left-hand side is a mosque and on the right an entertainment club which makes no apologies for the loud noise it makes every evening. It is relatively large compared to the restaurants within its proximity and occupies a two-storied building. The restaurant offers high-quality services to its customers in form of efficiency, effectiveness, and high standards of hygiene. As a result, it is popular among people from all walks of life. There is also a good blend of music that is played in the restaurant. During most early evenings, the restaurant plays slow classical music which favors most of the customers who need a relaxing environment after work. The floor of the restaurant is made of beautiful white and brown checkered tiles making it attractive to the eye. In the restaurant, varieties of food and drinks are served to cater to the different needs and tastes of customers. Beer is served at the restaurant bar corner where alcoholic drinks are arranged attractively. There are many waiters at the restaurant who are adept at serving the customers. The waiters have warm and friendly personalities which makes the customers’ experience worthwhile.

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During this particular evening, two ladies and two gentlemen walked in. They sat at one corner and started talking after placing their order. Twenty minutes later, the four friends started shouting at each other. No one paid attention to them because the restaurant was by now very full and everyone was busy with their meals or conversations. This however attracted my attention because it seemed they were all drunk and thus nothing good would have come out of the argument. As the argument ensued, one of the ladies grabbed a knife from the table and stabbed one of her male companions. As a stream of blood oozed from the man’s throat, the second lady also took a knife and stabbed the initial attacker on her arm. These events and the screams from the victims created a fuss in the restaurant and everyone started running out of the restaurant. Due to the great number of people in the restaurant, there was congestion at the door as many people tried to find their way out. Many were injured in the process as they hit the tables, chairs, and walls. It was a total mess and a great loss to the restaurant because most people ran away without paying for their meals. Five minutes later, an ambulance and police siren was heard but none of the customers wanted to stay around to witness what happened next.

A setting description like the one presented above is significant to a story or drama. A setting description enables the readers to have a vivid picture of the events that took place in the drama. As a result, readers become more engrossed and actively engaged in the story. Second, a setting description helps to disclose the characters of a story. The description mentions the characters and their behavior and as a result, readers are able to understand the characters better as well as their roles in the drama. Third, a setting description helps to establish a particular atmosphere in the drama. Is the atmosphere friendly, hostile, humorous or serious? This can be revealed by the setting description. Most importantly, a setting description keeps the drama/story livelier. It is one thing telling a story plainly and a different thing altogether telling the story using sensory details. The use of sensory details not only captures the attention of the readers but also enables them to identify with the scene or the characters portrayed in the scene (Rozelle 12).

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