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Single Sex Education: Benefits and Advantages

According to Hammer, (1996), single sex education is a form of education where the girls and boys attend different lessons or are put in different schools or buildings. In the beginning parents used to take their children to co- education schools where boys and girls were educated together. However, by the wake of the 20th century, parents started to separate their children and take them to different schools, boys were taken to all-boys schools and the girls were taken to all-girls school. This was attributed to the fact when children are taken to single sex school, they are able to mature at their own rate as they are not pressured by their peers or age mates of the opposite sex. Single sex education/ schools holds a number of advantages to the girls: first, the girls are able to take up leadership roles in single sex schools, this is so because since there are no boys in the schools, the girls are the ones to lead other girls in the school thus promoting their leadership qualities, second, when girls go to a single there are able to take up science subjects that were thought to be for boys. The girls are able to evaluate themselves and take up science subjects and even perfume better than boys (Pipher, 1994). This is so because the competition is a girl to girls and thus the girls can take the science subject and mathematics and not seen as tomboys. Moreover, she becomes daring, curious and eager to learn more as no one is discriminating against her. This makes them excel well academically. Third, when parent take their girls to single sex schools, they give them the opportunity of being themselves. This is, they become bold and risk takers; girls are generally shy especially when near boys and thus they avoid some tasks that may be said to be performed by boys, for instance, hanging chars in class. But when a girl is taken to an all-girls school, she is able to take this task and do them even better than boys. They also participate in field games such as hockey and soccer that could be performed by boys if they are in a co- educational school (Lamb, 2001). Fourth, when girls are taken to a single sex school, they become more responsible in terms of carrying out tasks. This so because when in single sex school the girls have only girls to look out for since there are no boys in the schools; this make them more responsible and perform the task assigned to them in a more responsible manner. Fifth, when a girl child enrolls in a single sex school, she is free from all sexual harassment from the boys and negative influence of the mass media. In all girls schools the negative influences of the mass media that seem to perceive women as weak being is reduced. This is so because the single sex schools create an environment that portray the positive and stronger sides of women, moreover, the girls are encouraged by their teachers to strive more and perform better than their counterparts boys (Pipher, 1994). Sixth, when a girl child enrolls in a single sex school, the chances of getting pregnant are minimized. This is so because the school is made up of only one sex and thus there can be no sexual relation between the students.

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On the other hand, co- education refers to a form of education where the boys and the girls are taught together in one school and under the same roof. This form of education has been favored by most parents because it is economical, facilitate healthy competition among children and encourages high level of socialization (Kimbal, 1996). In being economical, parents say that it is cheaper to take children to one school instead of taking girls to all-girls schools and boys to all-boys schools. Taking girls to a co-education school helps them become less gloomy/ moody as they converse with both sexes and their moods change. Moreover, co-education school helps promote a healthier competition between the girls and the boys, the girls therefore work harder in their academics thus improving their grades. This healthy competition help girls know their weakest subject and thus redirect their effort to these subject thus improving their overall grade (Coleman, 1999). Moreover, when girls school in co-education schools, the boys offer help to them on subjects like mathematics and science subjects which they know better, meanwhile the girls are able to assist boys with the art subject which they are good at and thus improving the overall grade of the school.

Educating girls in a mixed school helps them understand their nature better as they compare themselves with boys. This is so because when girls interact freely with boys, they are able to understand their behavior, sexuality and their personality; this will help in harmonizing their relationship in time of marriage (Hammer, 19996). Furthermore, when girls go to a co-educational school their desire to explore the male side is reduced. This promotes maturity and helps them avoid premarital sexual activities as they are less curious. Moreover, co- educational school promotes girls Christian moral behavior that may happen in single sex schools, for instance, lesbianism which is common in all girls schools.

Girls are benefited by single sex education as the teachers cannot discriminate the girls over the boys, for instance, when a boy give a wrong answer to a class question, the teacher corrects the boy on the spot before going on but when a girl answers a question wrongly, the teacher may ask another student to answer the question or may just keep quiet. This shows discrimination of the girl student and this may have a negative impact on the student (Lamb, 2001). Moreover, when girls school in a single sex schools they are kept away from sexual harassment which may arise when they are in co- education and this may impend on their ability to perform well at schools. When girls school together with the boys, the boys may harass the girls sexually and force them to have premarital sex. This may result to pregnancy and other STI and may lead to the girl dropping out of school and poor academic performance.

According to Kimbal, (1996), girls mature earlier than boys and their sexual desires mature faster. Thus when they school in co-education schools may involve them selves in sexual morality because the opposite sex is readily available. Moreover, the boys have a desire to break their virginity earlier than girls and the boy may force them to perform sexual activities which may result to early pregnancy and school drop out. Thus when they go to single sex schools the boys are out of the picture and the girls are safe.

Furthermore, girls are benefited by single sex schools because as they are considered to be weak in various subjects but when they enroll in single sex schools they better their grade on these subjects (Coleman, 1999). These subjects include mathematics, biology, chemistry and physics. Thus when they are taken to a single sex school they tend to read more and excel in these subject; this is so because their teachers concentrate on these subjects more and help them attain high grades.

Moreover, when girls go to single sex schools they are able to exercise their leadership qualities that would have gone unnoticed in co-education schools. This is so because when schooling with boys, the girls do not have a chance to lead but when in an all- girls school an opportunity is granted to them to lead a big group i.e. the entire school or department (Pipher, 1994). This help them improve their leadership skill and they nay carry this to the future and eventually lead a state or a country.

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Single sex education/ schools have been a preference for many parents. This has been attributed to the benefits that it offers to both girls and boys. For instance, the boys who school in single sex schools are able to tackle the art subject like home science, business while the girls are able to tackle the science subjects like mathematics, physics among others. Moreover, single sex education help children mature faster and become more responsible in their academic endeavors. When children are taken to single sex schools they their way of thinking about issues becomes more mature and they can make rational decision when in a dilemma. Furthermore, single sex education promotes the leadership skills in children especially girls. Girls who are in co-education schools are not give room to lead by boys and this may make them withdraw from all leadership activities thus their leadership skill remain unexploited.

Countries that do not have single sex schools should set aside some resources for this. Moreover, the country may allocate more resources to the already existing schools so that they can put up facilities for girls and boys separately.


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