Soccer and Sport as a New Medium of Communication

All form of sports has been of Ritual importance in the community especially when the character of sportsmen/women is based on social attribute. In this case, the athletes become a perfect figure who exemplify the moral value of the community and hence serves as a symbol of those values. Again, sports being an everyday activity become an important arena where these social aspects can be demonstrated.

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Communities values hero because they possess certain quality and values which community members hold in high esteem. Some of these values are; courage, integrity, composure and gameness. Because athletes demonstrate these values, the community regards them as heroes. They are set apart from the ordinary citizens and their treatment shows exceptional qualities and power, they are regarded as divine individuals and are entrusted with the leadership of the community. They receive a kind of treatment that is not easily accessible to common men.

Sport being a physical activity call for sportsmen’s and women to demonstrate courage as their central features. Sports like bull fighting, rock climbings, bungee jumping etc where death is very eminent requires lot of courage prior to and during participation.

Gameness is demonstrated when athletes fails to live to the expectations of his/her skills but still struggles to finish the task ahead of him or her. This calls for perseverance on the athlete part. This virtue is best demonstrated when a runner struggle to finish a long race when he knows very well that he cannot win. The audience will most likely applaud him or her for his perseverance and act as source of sympathy and courage for the athlete.

In sports, integrity is best demonstrated by the athlete spirits of co-operation and agreement to obey the rules of the game, and refrain from engaging in any activity that violated the nature of sports. Sportsmen put themselves in line to demonstrate this virtue when they refuse to take the easy way and make the decision to do what is right. It is thorough demonstration of this virtue that tests the true character of an individual.

Self control and self possession are characters that come from composure. Execution of physical tasks calls for smooth, self controlled and concerted effort. Athletes need emotional control if they are to successfully engage in sporting events.

All these virtues found in sports participant, whether in soccer, athletics put the sportsmen in a high position within the society, where they are regarded as leaders. It is through the use of their leadership position that the community place on sports men and women, that sports become a modern medium of communication, in global arena on health-related issues like aids and cancer awareness, through to African where athletes are on the lead addressing issues to do tribalism and ethnicity.

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Sports are the only events that bring people of all walks of life together. Major sporting events like the Olympics, world cup, Cup of Nation are some of the best arena that has been widely used to communicate message of hope and commercial advertisement. It is expected that the world all over will continue to make use of athletes and sports arena as a medium through which global message can be sent to the world.


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