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Social Media Techniques for Communication Management

Communication is an integral part of modern society, as well as the business world. It is not only a way to exchange information or attract people. Communication is a means to improve management and job performance and achieve positive results and competitive advantage (Clampitt, 2016). Nowadays, many organizations underline the importance of communication in the development of business relations. Still, only a few companies are able to demonstrate evident success in communicating (Dainton & Zelley, 2014).

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Therefore, much attention is paid to the investigation of various social media platforms and techniques that can be offered to organizations to improve their communication management. In this paper, the evaluation of such techniques as social networking sites and micro-blogging sites will be developed, and the ideas of how to enhance communication and enjoy the outcomes.

Today, social media applications turn out to be an integral part of almost every person. Even if someone does not use a social media service or a personal account online, such people have at least heard about the existence of such opportunities. Many people are so involved in social media marketing that they can hardly imagine a day without visiting their web pages. The success of Facebook influences the work of many organizations because people find a fast way to share news, exchange facts, and underline the main ideas.

Communication management in organizations can be enhanced with the help of such sources as Twitter, Facebook, or Google Plus. Social networking sites can be used by organizations to attract customers, learn better their employees, and investigate the fields which are interesting to people. Micro-blogging sites can be helpful in terms of communication when people find it necessary to share their thoughts and gather opinions from different people regardless of their geographical location.

There are many creative ways of how the offered social media techniques can be used to develop organizational communication (Myers, 2012). Twitter can be used to inform people about new working places and the conditions that can be offered. Besides, it is possible for organizations to create accounts using famous names properly and attract people to participate in some sales, auctions, or competitions.

Not many people find it appropriate and convenient to buy newspapers or to observe the latest news outside. It is easy to surf the web and choose an appropriate option. Twitter accounts can be created by an organization to inform people about what can happen and what benefits followers can have. Therefore, micro-blogging is a helpful technique if a company does not want to spend much money on advertising but has to introduce news in a short period of time.

People are ready to join a group on Facebook in case they realize their benefits (Myers, 2012). Besides, it is necessary to underline the fact that social networks are used worldwide. Therefore, it is possible to use this technique in order to find new people. Freelancing is a new brand of job performance. It is easy to hire a person from another country, save money on paying taxes, and enjoy salaries offered. Facebook is a place when millions of people spend several hours per day. A company can use this source as a searching engine for people or even a motivator for current employees. The more friends of a particular employee join a group of a company, the more chances this person can get while asking for a promotion.

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Such techniques are interesting tools for the development of organizational communication management. The results can be hardly predicted, and the only solution that can be offered is to try a technique and share the results.


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