Social Media Usage and Impact

Dissemination of information has been made simple and faster since the discovery and creation of social media. The most popular social networking sites include Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. These social networking sites are very effective in the mass distribution of information due to their affordability and accessibility. The number of people using the internet across the world has been increasing over the years and therefore social media has a great potential of influencing the world either positively or negatively.

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The internet and social media have made voiceless in society to be able to voice their concerns and opinions. Technology has taken activism and revolution to the next level and it is therefore very easy for activists and revolutionists to be influential at the world stage. This essay will highlight the role of social media on activism and revolution on the world stage.

Modern technology through social media enables activists to influence change by a click of the mouse. The use of Facebook and Twitter has made the passage of information faster and instantaneous (Al-Deen 231). The revolution experienced in Arabic countries such as Tunisia and Egypt was influenced a great deal by social media.

Those who were still skeptical about the power of social media were proved wrong when the public in Egypt and Tunisia mobilized themselves through the social media and actually managed to remove their Presidents from power (Faris 216). Governments such as Iran have actually banned the use of social media for fear that activists can actually use it to influence the public to rise against the government like what happened in Egypt and Tunisia (Faris 216). It is now very possible to comment on various issues affecting the world through Twitter and Facebook. Social media drives revolution and activism because the audience reached is large.

Facebook groups are known to be effective in influencing change since like-minded people come together through a group on Facebook to influence a particular course. Campaigns that are helpful to society and the whole world have been highly motivated by social media (Faris 216).

Campaigns against hunger, violence, and discrimination have been greatly inspired by posting some videos on Facebook where those connections are able to view the real picture on the ground through sample videos and pictures. Online protests against institutions that do not offer quality services have been helpful in many ways (Reich 208). To begin with, the institutions condemned are able to change since social media is able to influence potential customers and clients in avoiding their services. The other positive thing is that one can be able to receive some good advice and recommendations from experienced friends on social media.

In conclusion, social media has emerged as a powerful tool in activism and revolution. Social sites such as Facebook and Twitter form a platform where ideas can be exchanged to influence positive change across the world. Silent activists who fear direct confrontation are now able to influence their courses through social sites (Reich 208). Positive revolution and activism have been able to inform and transform the world and most of this is attributed to the social media influence. It is important to point out that there are some people who use social media for the wrong reasons. Terrorists use Facebook and Twitter to spread hate messages and therefore inciting the public. Content managers of social sites should filter negative groups and messages from the system.

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