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Social Norms: Ethical Behavior

The study of history is essential for society to understand the risks and benefits of a particular vector of development. Cultural diversity and inclusiveness are some of the goals to achieve, which were analyzed in the course. Inevitably, social justice and ethical behavior influenced my daily life, as they forced me to rethink the environment around me and my worldview. Besides, the most valuable strategy in this course is critical thinking, through which it is necessary to analyze the information from the class. Thus, it is a recommendation for other students to link personal behavior to ethical and cultural theories to develop an objective awareness of social norms.

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The history of the United States is an example of how attitudes toward a particular culture or ethnic group can be both biased and fundamental to social development. Time changes and cultural and behavioral patterns are transformed into the renewed paradigm of interaction. This course covered the history of the United States from the thirteen original colonies to the present, which helped assess the stages of modern society’s formation critically. Cultural and ethical awareness have influenced my daily life and career. It is no secret that people interact in a cross-cultural and cross-ethnic society every day and must be able to understand each other. It has been noted that misunderstandings and disagreements due to social incompetence can generate conflicts that could have been avoided (Lin, 2019). Consequently, this course revealed the true meaning of ethnic and cultural awareness as markers of a healthy modern society.

Ethical behavior is a part of cultural and social awareness that directly correlates with actions towards individuals. In particular, the principles of morality and mutual respect are applicable in business. Globalization processes have transformed the professional environment and provided more convenient access to international cooperation. Consequently, cross-cultural management is becoming an increasingly relevant strategy to drive business growth. It was noted that culture, as a system of unwritten rules, can shape the quality of cooperation between foreign partners, and the study of this connection becomes a priority for leaders (Aggarwal & Zhan, 2017). As for me, I realized that ethical conduct in society is essential to my career, and it can ensure respectful interaction with future colleagues.

Other students should evaluate their personal experiences of social interactions and integrate the information received into their daily lives. Critical thinking skills in applying knowledge are essential to optimize behavior for socially acceptable norms. The future students of the course must embrace information about cultural and ethnic diversity as a pressing problem in the United States past and present to become active members of the community. Getting A-grade will happen if an individual not only fulfills the assigned tasks but also implements the personal vision into the narrative and optimizes the analysis accordingly. All in all, studying the course is necessary to improve cultural and social awareness for community intellectual growth.

This class allows one to study the United States history up to the present day, which undoubtedly expands the students’ horizons. Understanding cultural, ethnic, and social diversity in retrospect allows a person to assess events and become a more responsible community member. These lessons have impacted my daily life, as I reformed my understanding of mutual respect and awareness both in education and in my career. The main advice for prospective students is to project the information received into their personal lives to identify and prevent mistakes in social interaction.


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Lin, W. (2019). Why it’s important to learn about other cultures? Medium. Web.

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