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Some Issues of Logistic Manager


A logistics manager oversees the supply of goods and services. One needs to perform his duties well to avoid the dissatisfaction of the clients. As a result, a logistics manager needs to be very careful especially when dealing with online fraudsters. Thus, some of the issues that a logistic manager has to put in mind when transporting freight from, Asia and Europe to the United States of America include the following:

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Movement of product

One of the factors that a logistic manager should consider is the movement of freight. He should make sure that the means of transportation fits the freight, whereby the goods should not be damaged during freight. For example, for heavy freight like coal being transported from China to the United States of America, the best means of transportation is shipping. This is because this freight is heavy and can not, therefore, be transported by air or road. Furthermore, the movement of the freight should not be hindered by anything. The movement of the freight therefore should be appropriate; moreover, the goods must reach the destination in time. A well-structured strategy should be put in place before moving the goods. Most importantly, the logistic manager must ensure all the paperwork needed is in place.

Movement of information

The logistic manager will also need to consider the movement of information. Communication is an essential aspect of freight transportation as it determines whether the goods reach their destination on time or they arrive late. Proper Communication will facilitate coordination of the supply channel a fact that will ensure the freight does not get difficulties during transportation. Some of the issues that will be taken care of include the communication with the recipient informing them of the date the freight will arrive, by which means, and lastly the type of goods being transported. It is essential to communicate with all the parties involved from origin to destination. Furthermore, frequent communication should be maintained until the goods reach their destination.


Time is a crucial factor in the transportation of goods as it will determine if the service was a success or not. As evident, the United States, Asia, and Europe are in different time zones; thus it is essential to ensure coordination of the movement is in line with the specific time zones. For example, a logistic manager should ensure freight from Germany to the United States of America is well-coordinated from its origin to destination with consideration to the different time zones of the two countries. It is thus essential that the goods arrive on time and at the correct destination. In case the freight contains perishable goods, it is essential for the logistic manager to ensure the goods arrive at the scheduled time (Ferine & Sparks, 2009).


Cost of transportation is a vital issue that determines the success or failure of the transportation system. A logistic manager must make sure the mode of transport is affordable. As a matter of fact, if the transportation means are expensive, the client will suffer as he will be required to offset the high transportation cost. Thus, a good logistic manager must ensure the mode of transport being used is not very much expensive. If the freight is for economic value like stock for business, it is important for the logistics manager to consider a less expensive mode of transport so that the cost of goods does not go up immediately after the goods reach their destination.


The logistic manager should consider the integration within his own company, between himself and the client, and between himself and the recipient of the goods. This means that there should be proper and efficient working relationships between these individuals to ensure the freight gets to its destination on time and intact. The people concerned must be consulted more often so as to ensure they are aware of progress in the delivery of the goods (Ferine & Sparks, 2004).

Characteristics of online non-food distribution

Reduction of theft

One of the characteristics of non-food products purchased online is that it has reduced cases of theft. Whereby, the goods are not stolen during distribution as the goods are not physically present thus it is considered the best means of distribution. Reduction of theft results in online distribution enables the seller to attain high profits as the goods are not lost.

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Ability to locate every product

The other characteristic is the ability to locate all the available products without necessarily walking into the market. It is evident that when the goods are accessed online, it is easier to get all the goods in one place, unlike market purchasing where products are distributed in many stalls. Once the product has been posted on the website the buyer can purchase it any time of the day (McCulloch, 2008).

Counterfeiting issues

It is essential to note that, the distribution of non-foods on the internet results in the counterfeiting of the product distribution system by criminals. There are possibilities that fraudsters will attempt to rob consumers online.


The security issue is another characteristic of the online distribution of non-food products. This is because the credit card numbers and information can be hacked and an individual’s identity be stolen. This will lead to identity theft as these details will be used to make more purchases online.

Privacy issues

Online distribution of products is considered safe as both buyer and seller observe privacy, unlike the open air distribution where both the buyers and sellers are exposed.

As a manager, it is essential to overcome the challenges imposed by this online distribution of non-food games. Concerning the problem of counterfeiting, I will ensure that the authorities are made aware of the vice and the public is advised to link with the legitimate product website. For the problem of security, I will also inform the authorities about the people pretending to be company agents only to steal from the consumers. In addition, I will employ the use of modern soft wares that do not allow for the hacking of clients’ credit card numbers. This is because when such incidents happen it is my due responsibility.


As evident, I believe for freight transportation to be efficient in its work, it must seek the services of a professional logistic manager. This is because he is the one that coordinates the programs involved in the management of the freight being transported. A logistic manager ensures the goods are transported safely. He is the center of all activities involving just start. With the current advancement in technology, it is essential for various logistic managers to embrace technology.


Ferine, J & Sparks, L. (2009). Logistics & Retail Management: Emerging Issues and New Challenges in the Retail Supply Chain. London: Kogan Page.

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