Sony Company’s International Business Strategy

Effective international business strategy prepares managers for heightened international competition. It gives them the potential to negotiate and manage firms and organizations in varying cultural settings. The strategies help the managers to be able to market their products across the continent.

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Managers should address international business with a discipline-based framework instead of treating it as a special topic in business. The changing market in the world requires an international business strategy to be applied in companies regardless of where they are. It is designed to equip the managers with useful skills that can be applied in global business.

Thorough training and skills in financing, management strategy, marketing, accounting, and organization management are key skills that a manager should have in the international business strategy. (Griffen and Pustay, 2007)

Blue-ray technology has brought a lot of changes to the world of technology. There is more in a blue ray than in the normal DVD’s. Despite the innovation being supported by Sony, and other recognized electronic companies, Sony should have held back its support for this product before the release of the machines that could read these blue-ray discs.

Considering that Sony is a giant electronic producer from Japan, it has been always in the front-line in producing reliable technological devices, it should have produced machines that could read the blue ray.

Sony was should also observe the possibility of the blue ray in the development of Betamax. When Sony introduced Betamax at first in 1974, the idea was highly opposed by several United States companies claiming that it would lead to media fraud and invade privacy. Betamax technology was the first of its kind in Telecom technology. The opposition mainly came from the United States leading Telecom service providers with support from the major leading electronic companies in the United States.

The main idea here was to deprive Sony of its capability to get through the western market. From the case of Betamax, Sony could have laid down tough strategies in the future of blue ray. The co-operation of the blue ray in Betamax is a great idea which Sony should give a priority within the shortest time possible.

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Sony also holds back the PS3 play station which is capable of reading the blue-ray discs. If the release of these PS3 can be achieved within the shortest time, it is to the advantage of Sony in getting the best market globally as the introducer of a highly awaited product.

The electronic market is dynamic and every company is looking forward to maximizing the business opportunities available internationally. Sony has penetrated quite a big deal in the international market. However, the blue-ray technology might pass them if strategic management and planning are not observed.

The market orientation of a product is very important in international business strategy. Betamax technology has been widely accepted in the international market. The benefits accrued are magnificent and Sony has already created confidence in their consumers. Any further attempt for the company to use high technology as the first company in Betamax will give an upper hand to this innovation. Sony is in the advance of taking this opportunity.

Blue-ray is a perfect opportunity for the company to invest consumer trust in the international market. The company has got an additional advantage in launching a product in the market and getting support from the other companies. Toshiba is in the front-line to promote the blue-ray technological innovation and other companies will help in the promotion of this idea. (Dicken, 2007)

When Sony unveiled the first Blu-ray player Vaio Pc it was received well in the market with many companies accepting it. The company needs to apply the Blu-ray technology in Telecom as it was their idea. Although several changes have occurred in Telecom, it is a great idea to furnish it with the blue-ray technology from the DVDs.

The company should have also considered the market of the DVD players whose market is likely to fall consequently from the introduction of the blu-ray player that will also read the DVDs. In the release of DVDs, there was a fall and later destruction for the market of VCDs which affected several electronic companies. This is the same disaster that is likely to befall the market soon if other companies produce the Blu-ray players.


Griffen, R. and Pustay, W. (2007), International Business: A Managerial Perspective, (New York, Pearson Prentice- Hall).

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