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Speech of Persuasion. Pursuit of One’s Goal


If in my quest to achieve my goals

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I stumble or crumble and lose my soul

Those that knew me would easily co-sign

There was never a life as hard as mine

No father, no money, no chance, and no guide,

I only follow my voice inside

I fit guides me wrong and I do not win

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I’ll learn from my mistakes and try to achieve again…

(Shakur, T., 1989)


The quotation of Tupac Shakur, the famous rapper, actor, poet, and social activist is one of the best ways to demonstrate the importance of one’s commitment to follow his or her dreams and do everything one is able to reach one’s goals (Lucas, 1995). Needless to say, there is no guarantee for anyone that he or she will definitely reach the goal or make the dream of his/hers come true, but in any case the best one can do in such a situation is put all his or her efforts on making that happen what he or she has been striving for during their whole life (Lucas, 1995; Stephanie, 2009).

At least, even if the pursuit of one’s goal results in the complete failure, there is no need to regret as the person has done his/her best and put all his/her essence to the altar of victory (Stephanie, 2009). Tupac Shakur was one of the people to strictly follow this ideal of life, i. e. pursuing one’s goals by all the means necessary. The example of this genius who managed to leave the ghetto and coped with the task of becoming a millionaire having been born broke can leave no one doubting if it is possible to achieve one’s goals all alone.


Of course, you might wonder why I cite Tupac Shakur in front of you and why I talk about the importance of achieving one’s goals. The answer to these possible questions is simple – I realize it myself and I need you to realize as well that it is only the fulfilling of our dreams that make us actually happy people. If you do not agree at once, please take your time to sit and think of your own childhood or adulthood dreams that your have never got the chance to make reality (Stephanie, 2009). Think of what could happen if you had been more decisive and courageous while choosing career or facing the alternative of either getting education or taking up sports and becoming a successful basketball player.

I speak today about the importance of striving for one’s dreams as far as rather often we kill our dreams ourselves by our being not confident enough to pursue them or being scared by the potential negative consequences predicted by some of our friends or relatives (Lucas, 1995). I have also had an experience of broken dreams in my life. Dreaming of becoming a football player, I had to drop this wish because certain health issues prevented me from developing my dream. For sure, I had the choice of either keeping to the doctor’s advice and leaving football or taking the whole responsibility to my health myself and continuing my career. I chose the first alternative and regretted it for years.

However, understanding that we are students and we still are young people, I clearly see the solution to the problem of those who are either afraid or do not know how to achieve their goals. To satisfy the need of help such people permanently experience, it is necessary for them to just start taking steps to meet their dreams.

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Although it sounds too simple and unprepared, it really works. Remember how many times you have heard about the method of curing an illness by the phenomenon that caused it. If one is, for example, afraid of darkness, what he or she should do is spend enough time in a dark room for the fear to transform into the understanding that there is no reason to be afraid (Stephanie, 2009).

Accordingly, if you do not know how to achieve your goal the first thing you should do is actually believe that you are able to do what you dream of and visualize yourself in the position after achieving the goal. This method works – look at Tupac Shakur who started by writing songs of becoming a millionaire and reached his goal by the age of 25 when his most successful album All Eyes on Me sold over 9 million copies and brought him the worldwide fame.

Try the method I have just told you about and you will see how soon the results will impress you. Anyway, you do not lose anything in the sense that some of the people present here are still only dreaming without actually working on their dreams. In any case, you cannot lose the phenomenon you do not currently have, which makes the way I suggest the win-win variant. On the other hand, the negative consequences of doing nothing can be hard to underestimate. Imagine the life during which you grow older and every day you take your time to regret that you were afraid to do something to achieve your goal when you had such a chance (Lucas, 1995).

For instance, working as a sales assistant in a store in your neighborhood till retirement you might daily go home with the thought that you could have studied better when you had to and develop your career much higher and more successfully. Or as well you might be a successful manager who goes to sleep with the regret of failing to become a painter or movie actor (Stephanie, 2009). To avoid this, you have to believe that now you have the opportunity to move your life in the direction you desire. If you win, you will be proud of your strong will; if you fail, you have nothing to regret as you have done your best.


Thus, we can clearly see that there are people who are either afraid to or do not know how to achieve their goals and make their dreams come true. As far as achieved goals make people happy, it is vitally important to understand how to cope with the task of such an achieving. The best way is to believe in yourself and take steps towards your dream. Let the example of Tupac Shakur become the role model of the successful person who achieved everything in his life exclusively by his strong will and firm confidence in the future success.

What I suggest you do right now is make the first steps to your dreams. Those of you who dream of career in sports should go to the next sports sections and become their members; those who pursue arts in their dreams should attend the nearest school of arts, etc. Just ask yourself what you really dream of and go make your dream come true…and do not be afraid of mistakes:

I’ll learn from my mistakes and try to achieve again… (Shakur, T., 1989).


Stephanie, B. (2009). Monroe’s Motivated Sequence: Effectiveness and Use. Web.

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