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Sports Management Studies: Statistical Designs


The statistical design of research is important because it influences the researcher’s ability to respond to the research question. The researcher must consider the purpose of the research and the research questions before choosing the statistical design because the validity of the findings depends on the effectiveness of the statistical method (Andrew, Pedersen, & McEvoy, 2011). Various research studies have been performed in sports management to determine the influence of sports events on society. The research purposes and research questions of these studies differ and the researchers select statistical methods that suit the aim of the research. This paper reviews four research studies that focus on the effect of sports management on society. The statistical methods, results, and design rationale of the selected research studies are compared to highlight different statistical designs available.

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The studies reviewed in this paper are obtained from four journals are Journal of Sports Economics, Urban Studies, International Journal of Tourism Research, and Preventive Medicine. Journal of Sports Economics is a peer-reviewed journal published four times annually, which focuses on the dynamics of sports and economics. Urban Studies is a peer-reviewed journal that focuses on the influences of different factors on urbanization. The International Journal of Tourism Research provides an avenue for researchers interested in the field of tourism to analyze past research studies and submit original primary research studies. The journal of preventive medicine Preventive Medicine is a peer-reviewed journal that publishes scholarly and professional research findings in the area of disease control and prevention. The fact that the four journals reviewed in this paper are from different fields indicates that sports activities are related different aspects of society.

Statistical Design Bibliography

In their research De Moor, Beem, Stubbe, Boomsma, and De Geus (2006) performed a population-based survey targeting 19,288 young twins in Holland using an opinion poll. The outcome of the research indicated the participants who engaged in regular exercise exhibited a lower anxiety, depression, neurotic characteristics, and introversion. The statistical results for the study were presented using standard deviations and the Standard Deviation (SD) values for each variable were used to determine the relationship between sporting activities and the variable. The SD value for each variable was <0 and this offered substantial evidence indicating the frequent exercise has a positive effect on participants’ general psychological health.

In another research study, Chun-Da and Chih-Chun, 2012 use an event study approach to investigate the effect of Japanese baseball events on the stock value of the sponsoring company. The experiential results indicate a substantial level of positive irregular stock proceeds for the sponsor company when the team qualified to participate in the championship. The stock prices of the sponsor company records considerable strong ARs before the game day. The results of the empirical study also showed that the teams sponsored by retail firms experience more substantial stock fluctuations when they qualified for the championships. A hypothesis test was performed and the p-values for each of the variables was <0.05 thus the null hypothesis was rejected. The researchers rationally determine that the companies in the retail market are more affected by sports marketing approaches (Chun-Da & Chih-Chun, 2012).

Kasimati (2003) investigates the economic effect of The Olympics on the host city prior to the games. The researcher uses economic data from 1984 to 2011 to investigate the effect of the anticipation on the economic indices characteristic to the host city’s economic status. The research explains that the Game’s influence on the host community’s economy extends after the period of the games. The aftermath increases tourism statistics. Nevertheless, the high anticipation provided by some communities may be irrational considering the desire of the researchers to support the existence of The Olympics. Numerous researchers have investigated the economic impact of sports events on society and the validity of such results will be stronger if valuation procedure is made unbiased.

Kavestos (2012) assesses how the declaration of the London Olympics (2012) influenced the real-estate market. The researcher uses a self-created database of real-estate businesses and observed that real-estate in host regions were valued at >3% over other areas. The overall influence of The Olympic Games on the value of real-estate in host regions exceeded £1 billion, indicating that the sports activities have socioeconomic effects for existing inhabitants (Kavestos, 2012).


This paper presented an overview of different statistical designs and their applicability in sports management research studies. A bibliography was used to compare the statistical methods and results of four research studies. The reviewed studies were drawn from different journals but each study indicated the influence of sports management on society.

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