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Standard 1: Promoting Child Development and Learning


The further evolution of any society is conditioned by several concerns resulting in the creation of a certain environment. These are moral, ethical norms, appreciated values, education. technological progress, etc. For this reason, the sphere of children’s education becomes crucial as it impacts the knowledge transfer and promotes the formation of the mentality needed for further evolution. This fact evidences the significance of the work of childhood teachers and professionals working in the sphere (Chandler et al., 2012). To make their performance more efficient, there is a list of standards for Initial Early Childhood Professional Preparation.

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Summary of the standard

Promoting Child development and learning. Key elements

The first standard is focused on the promotion of child development and learning. In general, it implies the usage of the basic knowledge of the essential characteristics of a child, his/her needs and demands by a specialist to create a healthy, supportive, and challenging environment (NAEYC, 2010). In these regards, it is obvious that a specialist should possess the needed knowledge, realize the multiple influences on early development and be able to use them (NAEYC, 2010).

Its impact on professional and personal life

The adherence to the main principles of the standard will have a significant impact on the personal and professional life. For instance, a specialist devoting time to the investigation of the issue will acquire the knowledge increasing his/her professional value.

Promotion of the increase of professional skills

Additionally, the ability of an informed specialist to find a better approach to every child could be taken as another example of the impact this standard has. Finally, adherence to the first standard is one of the main requirements for a professional and will determine his/her further career.

List of five questions with rationale

What are the main aspects of promoting child development and learning?

A professional should ask himself/herself this question to acknowledge his/her competence and renew the information related to the major concerns impacting the development of a child.

What are the key elements of the discussed standard?

The given question will help to examine the understanding of the standard and its main ideas by a specialist.

Why is this standard crucial for a specialist?

The necessity of the realization of the impact its key elements have on the work with a child could serve as the rationale for asking this question.

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How it might impact the development of professional skills?

The professional development of a teacher is comprised of such concerns as formal education, training, and credentials (Feeney, Galper, & Seefeldt, 2008). For this reason, the ability to acquire knowledge in terms of these standards becomes one of the crucial concerns

How could the adherence to the standard increase the level of the performance?

A teacher should realize the beneficial impact the standard has on his/her career and be ready to increase the overall education level (Feeney, Galper, & Seefeldt, 2008).

The contact information

The contact information for an early childhood professional

In case there are any questions it is possible to obtain the answers asking an early childhood professional from the community. He/she could use the email to provide the needed information.

Explanation of the purpose of the assignment

The need for the additional information related to the sphere of childhood education results from the deep investigation of the main principles and standards according to which a professional should function. Accepting the fact that a person working in the sphere should possess certain characteristics needed for his/her beneficial functioning (Colker, 2008) and that the adherence to the standards is crucial, one should investigate the sphere to acquire credible information about these characteristics and standards. For this reason, consultation with an early childhood professional might contribute to a better understanding of the issue.


It follows from these cogitations that the work of an early childhood professional has a great impact on the formation of a child and the further evolution of society. The standards created for these professionals highlight the key points of their functioning and introduce numerous possibilities for further development.


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Colker, L.J. (2008). Twelve characteristics of early childhood teachers. Young Children on the Web, 1-6. Web.

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