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Star Excursion Balance Test Overview

Star Excursion Balance Test (SEBT), or The Star Test t is a dynamic procedure that requires strength, flexibility, and proprioception. This is a way to measure dynamic balance which is difficult enough for athletes and physically active people. SEBT can be used to assess physical fitness, as well as to screen for disorders of dynamic postural control. Problems identified with the help of the test can be caused by musculoskeletal injuries (for example, chronic instability of the ankle). SEBT also allows accessing injuries including those that occur during rehabilitation or due to injuries of the musculoskeletal system in healthy adults. Besides, this test can be used to compare balancing ability among sportsmen and to assess one’s physical form. Various studies have suggested the use of the procedure as a diagnostic tool for determining participation in sports activities, as well as a post-rehabilitation test to ensure dynamic functional symmetry. Furthermore, balance test performance has been shown to improve after conducting appropriate exercises. The results of the corresponding lab are given in the table below.

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SEBT Data Table

Trial 1 Trial 2 Trial 3 Subject 2 female normalized SEBT Norms
Right Leg 88 cm
Left Leg 88 cm
T1/leg length T2/leg length T3/leg length AVERAGE normalized Male Female
Anterior 77 cm 81 cm 79 cm 237 cm
79% 77%
Posterior 100 cm 110 cm 90 cm 300 cm
94% 85%
Medial 130 cm 150 cm 70 cm 350 cm
98% 91%
Lateral 100 cm 100 cm 150 cm 250 cm
80% 80%
Anterolateral 76 cm 80 cm 74 cm 230 cm
74% 75%
Anteromedial 91 cm 85 cm 99 cm 275 cm
85% 83%
Posterolateral 93 cm 95 cm 92 cm 280 cm
90% 86%
Posteromedial 95 cm 95 cm 95 cm 285 cm
96% 89%
TOTAL 83% 79%
87% 83%

Speaking about the SEBT performance for my subject, the indicators correspond to the normal ones; surprisingly enough, they are just ideal. As for the results of Subject 2, they are within the norms for her left leg but are below the usual indicators for the right one. The reason for this in compliance might be in the subject’s overloading one leg. For example, the female probably rides a kick scooter or does sports that include using her right leg as a take-off one. This has led to the fact that the appropriate muscles (the quadriceps and the semi-tendon muscle) are tightened. Therefore, the program for the female should be altered so that it would include exercises providing equal work of the muscles of both legs. Moreover, this person should pay more attention to relaxation procedures such as having her body massaged or attending a sauna. Speaking about designing programs for my future target population, the SEBT test is a great tool for checking if all the muscles receive an equal load. I am going to conduct the test from time to time to correct the content and sequence of exercises that I offer my clients.

In conclusion, the star trajectory balancing test has shown itself to be an effective method for determining leg abduction deficiency among patients with unilateral chronic ankle instability. It can also be employed to identify deficits and asymmetries in patients. Further research is recommended to discuss the validity of carrying out this test among a specific group of traumatized individuals suffering from, for example, patellofemoral pain syndrome.

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