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Subway Restaurant Evaluation

There are several places that should certainly be visited by students attending Central Connecticut State University (CCSU). Among them, one can definitely distinguish Subway located near CCSU. This restaurant serves the needs of people who want to find a healthy alternative to conventional fast-food. In particular, clients can buy various salads and submarine sandwiches (Glassman, 223). Additionally, one can purchase pizzas, cookies, and apple slices in this restaurant. One should keep in mind that this chain has grown very rapidly during the last decades, and it currently attracts a great number of visitors in the United States and well as other countries (Schlosser 100; Smith 256). This article will show why Subway should be considered by people living in New Britain, especially learners attending CCSU. These are the main questions that should be discussed more closely.

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While discussing the work of this organization, one should pay attention to three criteria that are important for potential customers. In particular, I would like to speak about available parking spaces, cleanliness, and prices set by the company. In my view, Subway has relatively spacious parking lots. So, as a rule, parking does not take much time. This opportunity can be of great benefit to people who may have to meet urgent appointments or deadlines (Fields 26). To a great extent, this attribute of Subway is critical for attracting potential clients who often travel by car. It is not surprising that many of them prefer to go to this restaurant.

Furthermore, judging from my observations, the managers of Subway pay close attention to sanitation and cleanliness. Even the most meticulous customers will never notice any stains or bread crumbs that can produce a negative impression on visitors. Additionally, Subway adopts a very flexible pricing strategy. For example, the price of foot-long sandwiches can range from $ 5.50 to $ 7.50 (Fast Food). The prices of their salads also vary significantly (Fast Food). Thus, Subway can appeal to people who may differ in terms of their income level. Finally, one cannot say that their products are overpriced. This is one of the points that can be stressed while discussing the work of this organization because this quality contributed to the rapid growth of Subway during the last decade.

Furthermore, there is a wide selection of salads, sandwiches, drinks, and so forth. Additionally, there are meals that are intended primarily for children. More importantly, Subway can greatly appeal to students who are often time-sensitive. The employees of this company do their best to reduce the waiting time of clients. In terms of time-efficiency, this organization can surely be distinguished among fast-food restaurants, located in New Britain. Additionally, these people are usually very responsive to the requests of clients. Moreover, Subway can certainly be praised for its cozy atmosphere. If a person goes there, he/she is not likely to see waiters who rush through the restaurant and occasionally stumble into visitors. This is one of the things that often prevent me from going to other fast-food restaurants working in New Britain. Overall, this place will not leave visitors disappointed because Subway can offer a good ratio of price and quality to the clients. These are the main details that can be distinguished.

To a great extent, the opinions of other people have convinced me that my initial impressions were quite justified. In particular, I would like to refer to the interview with one of the visitors who regularly go to Subway. His name is Jack, and he states that this restaurant can be praised for the wide selection of various salads, cookies, sandwiches, and so forth. In his opinion, Subway can always offer something new to visitors. Moreover, he highly appreciates the work of this organization and the quality of services. In particular, he attaches importance to the time-efficiency of employees. As a rule, visitors to this restaurant do not have to wait in lines.

This issue is of great importance to learners who may not have much time. These are the main details that he stressed during the interview. Admittedly, other fast-food restaurants also take various steps to improve the quality of their work. However, it seems that Subway has been able to make the greatest progress. This is why it can be singled out, among others. Admittedly, this interview can be very subjective, and Jack’s conclusions cannot always be generalized, but it provides eloquent examples showing why Subway can appeal to various clients, including the students of CCSU.

Overall, judging from the available evidence, I can state that people should definitely go to Subway because this fast-food restaurant can offer such benefits as the wide selection of meals, efficient services, and reasonable prices. If students of CCSU want to have a snack, and they are hard-pressed for time, Subway can be one of the options that they should consider. In my opinion, they will not regret this decision and eventually become regular clients of this fast-food restaurant. These are the main arguments that can be put forward.

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