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Supervision of the National Health Service

The social work group forms for the purpose of rehabilitating HIV patients under the supervision of The National Health Service, one of the popularized social service and health care groups in England. The members of the social work group attempt to relieve and block hardships and sufferings. The journal article entitled Definition of Social Work says: “The social work profession promotes social change, problem-solving in human relationships and the empowerment and liberation of people to enhance well-being. (Definition of social work). National Health Service provides various healthcare services like primary care, long-term healthcare, inpatient care, and other services. This was controlled by the government of Great Britain through the Department of Health.

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The ten Strategic Health Authorities organize the deferent activities of The National Health Services as per the instructions of Health Departments. The National Health Service has some specific purposes and aims. The institution is committed to giving free and quality healthcare to everyone. It gives more emphasis on patient’s clinical needs. The online article entitled ‘Understanding the NHS in England’ by Georgina Craig says: “The board is responsible for the PCT and is accountable for its use of public funds and the quality of care provided.” (Craig, 2003, 121). The given statement rightly comments about the purposes of various departments. Important aims of NHS are to provide a universal service for clinical needs, provide comprehensive services, shape programs around the needs and preferences of individual patients and caregivers, and coordinate activities of social groups, and promote awareness programs.

The social; workgroup organize arranged its programs under the title of National Health Services for the rehabilitation and care of HIV patients. The group will consist of 12 members with specific duties and responsibilities. A person who has the membership of a health care organization, a social worker, an international person with enough experience in HIV research, a person who works in the field of law, two specialist persons with enough experience in HIV curing and rehabilitation or developmental biology, two persons with the responsibility to handle ethical issues, and two members of the public. The group organizes its programs as per the instructions of the National Health Service. NHS provides ethics reviews of HIV research funding applications submitted by various international agencies. The group Hare its programs with other private granting agencies and social institutions. The Ethics Board of NHS assesses and evaluates programs. Members of the group follow some principles and collective responsibility in group work. Fiona Mc Dermott comments about group work. The author says: “Group work is about building bonds between people which depend on the establishment of trusting relationship.” (McDermott, 2003, 14). Members of a social working group have some serious responsibilities to society.

The NHS group organizes programs for rehabilitating HIV patients. It mainly focuses on the rehabilitation and curing of HIV patients. Physical, vocational, psychological, cultural, and social rehabilitations are part of this program. The web article named ‘Introduction to Rehabilitation in the Context of HIV For Family physicians’ gives comments about the rehabilitation of HIV patients. It says: “Optimizing choices for people with HIV by providing the tools and support to help people do what is meaningful to them.” (Introduction to rehabilitation in the context of HIV For family physicians, 4). Today more than two and a half million adults and children suffered from HIV and a number of people died continuously. (Worldwide HIV & AIDS Statistics, 2007) So prevention and rehabilitation of HIV patients deserve serious attention. Planning is very important in group work. The first meeting includes making an effective plan for the proposed program. Under the supervision of monitoring, the committee collects data about HIV patients from hospitals and other authorized institutions At the first session of the program is physical rehabilitation of the HIV patients.

Here members collect information about patients and provide them clinical services like physiotherapy, counseling, and provide suitable medicines for their health problems. The second stage focus on Vocational rehabilitation. After antiretroviral therapy and good nutrition, an HIV patient can return to his or her work. Ensuring flexible workforce participation is an important step in vocational rehabilitation. The third face is psychological rehabilitation. Maintaining positive mental health is essential for the rehabilitation process. Eating well, physical exercise, social support, access to psychological support play a critical role in rehabilitation. The last stage is Communication with media and invites other agencies and Government organizations for collaboration. A chair will be chosen by a Governing council. There will be a minimum of four meetings per year and evaluate and assess the whole program. Members should capable of effective communication skills, experience in group work, willingness to work, and nursing duties.

Social working groups and Health care workers became an unavoidable part of the current health care system. In their collaborative work Lukyaniva N, Lukashov S, Pidlisna says: “Main professional values of social work as confidentiality and trusting relationships have the great meaning for working with drug users and HIV infected people.” (Lukyaniva et al., 1998). The given statement gives a clear view of the role of a social worker in the field of health care. It is better to select an urban area for this rehabilitation program. The group expects the cooperation of natives and other social groups. Ethical issues are important in social work. The online article titled Code of Ethics of the National Association of Social Workers says: “Social workers are sensitive to cultural and ethnic diversity and strive to end discrimination, oppression, poverty, and other forms of social injustice.” (Code of ethics of the national association of social workers, 2009). Patients need a healthy atmosphere to live. An urban area is more useful for this kind of activity.

To conclude Social work provides a lot of personal developments. Group work promotes cooperation, self-confidence, critical evaluating ability, and self-esteem. The life of an HIV patient became more terrible in the present world. Society considers them as outsiders, so a social worker can do a lot of things for humanity..

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