Supervisory Process and Its Multicultural Factors

Concrete Experience and Reflective Observation

In my experience, the work of a supervisor in a multicultural context should be linked to support for cultural issues and openness to their discussion. Supervisors must provide opportunities for employees to work in multicultural contexts and increase the perceptions of supervisees” multicultural competence. This can be hard to achieve because cultural differences affect such aspects as a worldview, communication styles, life goals, perceptions of leadership roles, etc. Because of this, it is inevitable that biases and confusions will occur, leading to subsequent difficulties and complexities of supervising employees in organizational contexts.

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In my experience, supervisors should develop the scheme of organizing and managing several models. In managing personnel, supervisors should go beyond identity in feelings, thoughts, and behaviors to apply several demographics that include gender, race, ethnicity, disability, socioeconomic status, and other variables. Overall, inclusivity and the open discussion about the diversity of perspectives and backgrounds represent important activities of a supervisor.

Theories and Principles/Abstract Conceptualization

In the modern diverse workplace setting, multiculturalism exists in a variety of contexts. For the future prosperity of an organization, diversity considerations are seen as imperative for ensuring that the perspectives of various workers are addressed. I feel that my role as a supervisor is protecting diversity in the workplace. The further exploration of theories will consider the concepts of multicultural supervision.

Theory 1

“All supervision is multicultural because supervisors deal with a wide variety of individuals from different backgrounds,” all of which require mentoring, guiding, supporting, and facilitating learning or the acquisition of new skills (Marshall, Ringsred, Kirlin, Othinos, & Kehila, 2017, p. 4). Early discussions associated with cultural aspects in the supervisory process date back to the late 1970s and the beginning of the 1980s when Vander Kolk, Mc Roy, Freeman, Logan, and Blackmon started researching pertinent issues. The researchers aimed to establish a foundation for the establishment of empathy and reliability among supervisors who deal with employees from different backgrounds. In addition, there was a need to reduce the fear of discussion of multicultural factors in supervision.

Theory 2

Ancis and Ladany (2001) developed six dimensions of multicultural supervision competencies designed to improve the organizational environment and advancement opportunities. Among the dimensions, supervisor-focused personal development is the process associated with increasing the opportunities for self-exploration regarding his or her own values, biases, and a range of limitations. The process also applies to multicultural communication and implies the development of relationships between a supervisor and supervisee characterized by open communication and respect.

Theory 3

The Liberal Theory of multiculturalism developed by Will Kymlicka (2018) applies to workplace affairs as it implies that all individuals are interested in their culture, language, and identity. According to scholars, public institutions should also share their interests.


Supervisors are expected to attend to the use of authority in their operations and the development of a supervisory climate. In such a context, where issues of diversity are addressed, workers can establish the objectives and criteria for subordinates’ performance, develop mechanisms for feedback associated with the performance of supervisees and supervisors, and handle self-disclosure issues with sensitivity and respect.

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Testing and Application/Active Experimentation

In my opinion, Ancis and Ladany’s (2001) dimensions require supervisors to participate in educational, training, and consultative experiences that enhance one’s knowledge. Conceptualization is also important to consider because it implies the promotion and understanding of the influence a supervisor has on contextual factors in the workplace. Personally, I have often practiced conceptualization by encouraging my subordinates to discuss both personal and group identifies to facilitate the conversation about their differences and ways in which they are similar. I have also engaged in the process of promoting the understanding of my supervisees of how racial and cultural stereotyping and biases impact case conceptualizations, organizational objectives, and the choice of strategies.


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Marshall, N., Ringsred, A., Kirlin, A., Othinos, K., & Kehila, D. (2017). Supervisory excellence: A graduate student perspective. Web.

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