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Mediated Communication in Groups and Organizations

Concrete Experience and Reflective Observation

One cannot deny the fact that the recent technological advances and the massive breakthrough that has been made in the IT and ICT domains have affected the way in which people interact in modern society. The breakthrough in question includes the influence that communication technology has gained over the past decade. Changes have been introduced into every aspect of people’s lives, from their home environment to their workplace setting. Similarly, the significance of mediated communication has grown as a method of managing cross-cultural issues in diverse groups. By definition, the phenomenon of mediated communication implies the dialogue established between participants within a digital environment, according to Milam (2005). Although there have been continuous debates about the side effects of mediated communication and the impact that it produces on people’s ability to communicate in person, there is no doubt that the phenomenon under analysis has changed the landscape of the contemporary business world. Therefore, mediated communication has contributed to a rise in diversity and cultural competence with groups, teams, and organizations.

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Theories and Principles/Abstract Conceptualization

When approaching the phenomenon of mediated communication and the outcomes thereof in terms of the economic advancement of organizations, one should mention the theory of determinism. Based on my experience at Bridgestone Aiken, the focus on the use of technology and especially IT and ICT, has a tremendous effect on the quality of communication.

Theory 1: Technological Determinism

The influence that technology has on the workplace environment can be studied from several perspectives. Technological determinism explains how interactions within a particular environment are shaped by technological changes (Kuhn & Dean, 2004). Based on the TD theoretical framework, improvements can be introduced into the contemporary business setting. For instance, with the understanding of how social media shapes people’s attitudes toward a cross-cultural dialogue, one can promote a significant shift in the cross-cultural communication paradigm. Moreover, the selected theory allows exploring the challenges that interlocutors of global mediated communication face. Based on my experience, the pressure of having to be available instantly on social media and communicate with several team members at once in the course of a production process has to be recognized as one of the contemporary impediments to creating a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere of group communication. Thus, the suggested theory creates grounds for improving the efficacy of group communication within a business setting.

Theory 2: Mass Communication Theories

Technology is critical to the communication process in the workplace. To analyze the phenomenon, the Mass Communication Theories as a cluster of theoretical frameworks explaining the specifics of conversing with the help of the modern mediated was be integrated into the analysis. The specified theoretical frameworks provide the grounds for an all-embracive analysis of the changes in the modern communication process and imply that the introduction of social media leads to a gradual change in the power structure of modern society (Kuhn & Dean, 2004).


Thus, the proposed frameworks serve as the background for studying the opportunities for using innovative IT and ICT tools. With the help of these theories, one will improve communication within teams and reduce the number of miscommunications and misconceptions.

Testing and Application/Active Experimentation

Overall, my experience at the Bridgestone Aiken Plant has proven that it is critical to dissect the process of communication and the concept of intercultural dialogue in order to enhance the performance of a team. As a manager, I need to learn to address different situations occurring in the workplace setting during both standard and mediated communication. For instance, the importance of handoff communication using the relevant IT tools became evident as the production process became faster and employees had to deal with tighter deadlines. However, while the tools for managing the former have been established and are quite well-known, the latter remains an area to be explored, which presents unique challenges to the manager of the processes associated with the management of quality and the needs of Bridgestone Aiken Plant’s human resources. Nevertheless, the experience of introducing handoff communication tools has shown that it is critical to use the principles of cultural competence as the platform for successful communication in groups, teams, and organizations.


Kuhn, D., & Dean, D. (2004). Metacognition: A bridge between cognitive psychology and educational practice. Theory Into Practice, 43(4), 268.

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Milam, P. (2005). The power of reflection in the research process. School Library Activity Media Monthly, 21(6), 26. Organizational communication: A Critical Introduction. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications.

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