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Supreme Sports 2 Implementation Plan


The plan outlined here is to improve Supreme Sports’ productivity (SS2) to realize more revenue and profits in their business. There are short-term and long-term goals, running from months to more than three years respectively. Long-term plans include activities that will last for years, while short-term plans involve events that last only for a short period. Long-term projects in SuperSport 2 may consist of improving their competitive advantage and establishing new investments, feedback, and responses to plans, strategic focus, and people. On the other hand, short-term goals include; exposure, pricing, and launching a new product. SuperSport 2 should be targeting providing better services to their clients. The ability to tap business opportunities through long-term and short-term plans should be SuperSport 2 goal.

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Short-term Plans


As outlined, SS2 lacks proper exposure to the vast geographical area where they compete. Wellington County, where it established its business hub, was home to 500000 people but growing gradually. Football being a rising sport meant that more teams and sports-related ventures would be elected to compete with SS2. The Guelph region was non-urbanized, meaning few sought their experiences, unlike in highly urbanized areas. One option to consider is to expand to a broader region for their sports events as a business venture. The business can achieve this by holding friendly games, undertaking customer service relations activities, and marketing through exposed channels like televisions. According to Giroux et al. (2017), using brand ambassadors has tremendous benefit for the investment, an option they can explore as they aim to display highly entertaining games.


The pricing of most services offered was above the reach of several people. Sports enthusiasts may be people who wish to play or use sports to keep fit. Facilities owned and run by investors are priced high for services. One strategy SS2 could explore offer lower rates for some period as they build their exposure over some months (Giroux et al., 2017). These can be in the form of an annual fee for teams per year (currently at 900), the cost for players per season (between 95-150 dollars), and drilling courses for children (at 88 dollars now). The offer aims to bring more prospective players and fans to its command and keep them forever. Supporting them means competing with other investors in terms of services offered and the costs. Reasonable pricing equips businesses with the ability to compete with other organizations providing similar products or services. SuperSport 2 should place considerable prices that favor all their clients globally. Pricing is a major strategy applied in working with new clients and keeping them, in a region where other service providers do not offer the same services. Sometimes, having lower prices works better by inviting more customers, than in cases where a facility changes high but has just a few customers. For large numbers, the organization can choose to invest in having a large number, diversifying their services, and continuing with their business.

Launching New Product

Existing products in SuperSport 2 should be supplemented by launching a new product in the market. SuperSport 2 should consider using innovative measures and model new products. The market requires changes in new products and can only achieve it by launching new products. According to Giroux et al. (2017), the market has many untapped opportunities regarding consumers and demand. Launching a new product will also enable SuperSport 2 to meet clients’ needs. SuperSport 2 should target the untapped potential in the market by launching new products. SuperSport 2 can come up with include; playing kits and clubs for talented sports kids. There is a lot that competitors have not yet covered; therefore, SuperSport 2 should consider the chance and sharpen their business through such opportunities.

Long-Term Plans

Improve on Their Competitive Advantage And Establish New Investments

The competitive advantage is investing little but gaining more than a competitor. One of the issues ailing SS2 is the lack of a fan base that can inspire more investors and potential customers. From their data, most of their fans included the youth and a few the children. Historically, the older fans have their clubs or preferences they followed from their younger years. To counter this, SS2 should find what interests the adults, attract more women, and capture as many young ones as possible. SS2 should then plan to do their marketing through wider channels, and offer beneficial and charging services to retain the fans within and outside their areas. There should also be investments in more stadia and sporting facilities to capture as much revenue as possible (Giroux et al., 2017). These facilities should have proper maintenance and comfortable schedules.

Feedback and Response to Plans

The itemized solutions above will have different outputs for the firm. Giroux et al. (2017) state that SuperSport 2 Company should monitor the challenges, and benefits and plan on a response to each. There should be new plans to avert any possible failures looming for the company. Once done, there should be a maintenance plan to keep everything functional. One consideration is to ensure the sports sector changes are responded to by necessary adjustments that improve their business. Upon realizing the constant development curve, the company should keep a steady service provision, innovate, and generate more profits.

Strategic Focus

Strategic focus implies an organization has strategies concerning management, leadership, and planning. The strategic direction can enable SuperSport 2 to set ambitions and determine how to achieve future benefits. Strategic focus in Super Sports 2 requires leadership and management processes that consider having the right people in the correct positions. Placing unqualified individuals in managerial positions could lead to future damages (Giroux et al., 2017). There is a need for Super Sports 2 to consider the right individuals, suitable roles, and exemplary work, hence delivering against the organization’s goal. Leadership at SuperSport 2 should focus on implementing a positive impact on the organization. Giroux et al. (2017) indicate that there should be a channel through which every employee should follow to achieve the target. Working as a team and under top management, the organization should make sure all rules and regulations are appropriately adhered to by all employees.

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Personnel is a department in a business that deals with employees’ keeping records and deals with existing organization problems. Super Sports 2 should consider installing qualified personnel in favor for operations to run smoothly. Developments in an organization are achieved through dedicated and focused personnel (Giroux et al., 2017). Organizations such as SuperSport 2 should focus on employing qualified individuals hence the ability to achieve organizational goals. Considering individuals in business positions should not be based on friendship or family. There are criteria used to come up with the best team. Checking qualifications in terms of skills and training is recommendable in any organization.

The personnel department entails individuals who focus on organization development. Puling effort and resources together enable organizations to have a better position in the market. SuperSport 2 should consider having different departments, each working independently but under standard management. Joint management will make sure that all checks and balances are adhered to by all workforces. Personnel such as Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operating Officer, Marketing Manager, Chief Financial Officer, and Production Manager should work together towards a common goal. Giroux et al. (2017) state that workforces should not be overworked with extra duties apart from those assigned. Every individual in SuperSport 2should show responsibility in handling duties in their capacity.

Fans who tend to be customers, in this case, are also part of the people that make SuperSport 2 a success. SuperSport should consider providing its clients with nothing but the best. Giroux et al. (2017) indicate that customers get attracted by organizations that professionally offer services. SuperSport 2 should go the extra mile and equip with more sports news and live games with clients. SuperSport is facing the challenge of informing its clients as fast as other sports organizations. The need to act immediately should be made a culture in the SuperSport 2 organization. There is a need to show consistency and speed in delivering services to already available clients in the market. SuperSport must make sure that its competitors do not outdo their service delivery capacity.

In conclusion, organizations should have plans that guide them toward future goals. Organizations that thrive best in the market ensure there is smooth running of operations. SuperSport 2 should consider having different departments that work together for purposes to achieve a common goal. Pricing should be reasonable for definitions to accommodate every individual in the market. Coming up with ideas such as launching a new product to outdo competitors in the market hence making immense profits. SuperSport 2 should employ qualified and skilled individuals rather than considering friends and family. Short-term plans do not last for long; therefore, organizations should target coming up with new ideas. Implemented programs contribute toward business growth in all dimensions. Clients are attracted by organizations that indicate consistency in service provision, and this is a business strategy that SuperSport 2 should implement.


Giroux, M., Pons, F. and Maltese, L. (2017). The role of perceived brand personality in promotion effectiveness and brand equity development of professional sports teams. International Journal of Sports Marketing and Sponsorship, 18(2), 180-195.

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