SWOT for Little League


SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) is one of the most common methods, which allows assessing the internal and external factors affecting the performance of a company (Henry 96). This evaluation method may be regarded as a preliminary research tool used in the preparation of strategic plans and the development of goals and objectives of an organization (Borucka 16). The purpose of this paper is to provide a SWOT analysis for Little League.

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Strengths of the organization

  • the leader in the industry (Little League);
  • the name is easily recognized;
  • the main competitors are Amateur Athletic Union and Peninsula Athletic League (AAU). Little League is the only one to air its World Series every year – the competitors do not possess similar capabilities;
  • players from different age groups, including intermediate, junior, and senior categories.

Weaknesses identified

  • The format of tournaments – almost all events imply the US versus World format;
  • Facilities and gear are another weakness – many stadiums at which the events are held are in a deteriorating condition (Sarsby 53);
  • it is necessary to build new premises or reconstruct the existing ones.

Opportunities for the organization

  • it is possible to extend the scale and achieve greater popularity in other countries (Henry 101);
  • the company may consider producing equipment and apparel under the brand name; particularly important in terms of rivalry in the industry since the main competitors do not have the same level of brand recognition;
  • collaboration with schools and other educational institutions.

The possible threats

  • specialization in other sports (Beauge);
  • insufficient support from the side of the community;
  • players may experience burnout or suffer from injuries;
  • equipment is becoming more expensive over time, which affects other types of costs.


Thus, it may be concluded that Little League possesses specific strengths as compared to its main rivals. The analysis has revealed that the organization has a strong brand name, and it holds the World Series yearly, which reinforces its position in the market further. Nevertheless, it may be assumed that the threats of insufficient community support and equipment becoming more expensive are quite strong. Therefore, the company should consider ways to sustain its competitive edge through collaborations with schools, and it should also seize other opportunities to remain successful.

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