Organizational Behavior: Managing Employees

The functioning of a modern organization is a complex issue as it consists of numerous elements and aspects that should be considered to achieve the planned goals and create the basis for further development. For this reason, the existing approach to management presupposes that a specialist responsible for the growth should be ready to evaluate all essentials and introduce appropriate strategies to attain success.

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In accordance with the current perspective on business organizations, employees are the pillar of any firm as they create value and contribute to its further evolution. That is why there is a set of drivers that facilitate their cooperation, improve effectiveness, and precondition the improved commitment. In this regard, one of the senior management’s major concerns is the creation of the framework that considers such elements as staffing, training, motivation, and communication and introduced an enhanced working environment with clear goals and opportunities for engagement.

The relevant perspective on management considers goal-setting as one of the fundamentals of the successful company’s rise. For this reason, it is critical to make the link between employees’ work and existing organizational aims as their improved understanding helps workers to perform actions more efficiently. One of the ways to accomplish this task is to create challenging but attainable goals that are clear to individuals (Jones & George, 2016).

These aims can be discussed with all members of the staff to ensure that they understand their importance and reasons for the introduction. The next step will be the creation of a plan needed to achieve these very goals in a certain period of time supported by the employees’ explanation of how to meet these purposes and what actions should be performed (Kotler & Keller, 2015). Utilization of the given approach will have to link the current goals to the functioning of individuals.

Opportunities to Express Ideas

Another step in the creation of the beneficial framework is the formation of an environment that encourages workers to express their views on the development of the organization. In accordance with the statistics, firms in which employees have the voice and can participate in decision-making or brainstorming are more successful if compare with less democratic ones becomes of the constant income of fresh ideas (Kotler & Keller, 2015).

In such a way, there is an essential need for direct communication with workers. It can be achieved via the introduction of special periods when every employee can share his/her perspectives with senior management. Additionally, there is the need for an anonymous mechanism that will provide individuals with the opportunity to outline problematic issues or areas that demand change to introduce appropriate measures and avoid the decrease of workers’ motivation (Kotler & Keller, 2015). This strategy will help to achieve success and evolve.


Every organization has its own vision that includes perspectives on how to evolve and what strategies to utilize to achieve success. This course is critical for beneficial outcomes as it coordinates all actions and contributes to improved cooperation. For this reason, sharing the vision of the firm’s growth is the essential task of senior management. It can be achieved via the cultivation of the corporate culture that presupposes better communication between all employees and managers (Wekelo, 2017).

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During specially organized meetings and events, CEOs can present the current vision and explain its central elements, their importance for the company and employees, and the necessity of their attainment (Griffin, Phillips, & Gully, 2016). This approach will help to eliminate the lack of knowledge about the firm’s rise and motivate workers to move further to guarantee better results.


Finally, the achievement of this vision and the main goals should also be communicated with the staff members. The fact is that motivated workers demonstrate higher levels of performance and engagement, which is critical for success and the further growth of the company. For this reason, the cultivation of their interest can be achieved through the detailed explanation of benefits that will be available for them when the primary objectives are attained and the firm enters a new stage of its development (Schein, 2016). It will apparently contribute to better mutual understanding and common efforts to create the basis for further evolution via improved cooperation and work.


Altogether, managing modern organizations is challenging as there are multiple issues that should be addressed. The major tasks of specialists responsible for the company’s growth include the improved work with employees that they benefit from the environment that considers their basic needs and provides many opportunities for their personal and professional development.

Under these conditions, the explanation of existing goals, vision, and constant income of new ideas from workers become fundamentals of a successful company as these elements help to achieve better results and ensure that the staff remains engaged in the majority of processes critical for further development and growth. Observation of this paradigm guarantees the achievement of positive results and the further evolution of any organization or brand.


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