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System Management Within Automobile


The objective of the essay is to give a brief account of the recent technologies with their respective architectures that can be used in the upgrade of an automobile computer system which enables home system management, or feature upgrades with the onboard system. The important software practices and techniques used in implementing these technologies will also be looked upon.

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Current Technologies used to Manage Home Systems in Cars

Technology is an important factor in the construction of modern day automobiles. In recent years computers have been incorporated into the construction vehicles, so as to give them a more efficient performance. The computers however take full control of so many different functions in both the engine and other parts of the vehicle. So many functions do not perform mechanically any longer. Some of the technologies used in upgrading automobile computer systems are Haltech E6K, MicroTech LTX8, Apexi Power FC, and Link + (James 33).

Remote Feature Upgrade Technology for Automobiles

Automobile remote development can be put into four different levels, which include the entire car, key systems, sub-systems, and individual components. Due to the change in practices of the industry, the sub-system level and key processes in the remote features have also undergone various changes (Fine and Whitney 24). Thus, while most vital comparison of product development focuses primarily on component-level automobiles, it may be useful to take into consideration the level of system-to-system cohesion. For instance, in perhaps the most important product development inefficiency of the last 10 years, the Ford/Firestone catastrophe had its origins in the underperformance of efficiency across two systems, one of which was outsourced. Prior research is not yet to systematically examine the position of interdependencies nor has the rise of system been formally assessed (Andrew 15).

While ensuring efficient investment in component technologies can often be achieved through formal contracting, providing incentives for overall vehicle performance and the integrality of parts is much more difficult to achieve. Consider the case of cellular telephones. In the luxury car market, a key (though recent) design challenge has been the integration of the cellular telephone sub-system into the audio system. In the integrated design, the cellular telephone would share a circuit board and control panel with the audio system, and these would, in turn, interface with the antennas, speakers, and microphone.

In contrast, a simpler design would simply maintain the cell phone’s circuitry as separate from the audio system. Overall, the integrated design has several performance and cost advantages, such as better sound quality and less bulk, since the telephone could share speakers, circuitry, and features with the audio system (Ortsegha 13). However, the more complex, integrated design would require extensive coordination between the auto manufacturer and the cellular telephone supplier during product development, as the specifications for the audio circuit board would interact with those for the telephone. The simpler design facilitates outsourcing production of the cellular telephone components, with little overlap between manufacturer and supplier during product development, but perhaps with sound (Hart, Moore 64).


The paper cannot give a detailed account of the above mentioned topic but has tried to put forward a brief analysis on the upgrading of automobile systems and hence some little knowledge of the technologies involved.

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