Taco Bell Restaurant’s Target Market in Queensland

The expansion of Taco Bell to Queensland, Australia is a viable solution to attract more customers and increase the company’s profits. As a quick-service restaurant, Taco Bell is a cheap dining option for people who want affordable, crunchy, and fast eating. It is possible to choose students (17-24 year-olds) as the target audience and locate a new restaurant near Brisbane Central Station. In particular, the University of Queensland and Australia’s Catholic University are situated near this station, which allows suggesting that there are a lot of students. Therefore, one may state that Taco Bell would be popular among this target audience.

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Taco Bell is known for its strategy of adjusting to the rapidly changing world and the new trends it sets in society. For example, the company tries to engage the students by using social media. There are Snapchat and Twitter accounts that are used by Taco Bell to promote its meals and announce potential customers of new deals (“Taco Bell’s marketing,” 2015). This strategy can also be applied to a new restaurant in Queensland. Since the category of students can be characterized as technology-savvy persons, social networks are a good solution to speak out directly to their target audience.

Young people are always in a search of new experiences, and Taco Bell is ready to provide this opportunity. For example, the company can offer the traditional menu and add some local flavors as well. Recently, Doritos Locos Tacos was introduced in other restaurants of the mentioned brand, and it became a trend among Millennials. Accordingly, the company would meet the need of the students to try new fast food and mix flavors (“Taco Bell’s marketing,” 2015). In general, the majority of young people value fast-casual restaurants as they are often in a hurry. They need to combine education, personal lives, and other important issues, which limits their time. Therefore, students would appreciate the proposed dining option and make the company successful in Queensland.

Another important factor that points to the expected success of Taco Bell in the identified location among students is that they want to save their money. Many of them have to pay for their education and related items and events, which sets additional expenses (Calkins & Darrell, 2015). The financial part of studying makes students use their money wisely, and dining options are considered with attention. In addition, Taco Bell provides a late-night menu, and one can visit it at 2 AM if required (Calkins & Darrell, 2015). Since both local and international students study in the mentioned and other nearby educational facilities, a great variety of the menu items is likely to satisfy all of them.

In addition to the identified reasons for targeting the students as the key population, the fact that Taco Bell has considerable experience in this area also makes it clear that this target audience is relevant. The company understands that students value various eating options. While some of them prefer fast food, others enjoy healthy or vegan meals. As for ordering options, both offline and online types are available for customers. The special application allows them to customize and pay for meals conveniently. Thus, one may conclude that the expansion of Taco Bell in Queensland, Australia should target the local and international students, whose dining preferences largely coincide with the menu provided by this company.


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