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Teacher’s Impact on Student’s Personal Life


The influence of teachers, as it is known, is not noticeable immediately but only over time when students demonstrate good abilities and skills that were timely identified. The development of personality and character in many respects depends on how successfully this or that teacher finds an approach to wards and helps them to achieve their goals. When people ask me about a person who helped me develop an interest in medicine and set a specific goal, I recall my biology teacher, Mr. N. His participation in my life helped me to decide on the future profession and gave me an opportunity to adequately assess my strength in order to achieve success in stages.

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Teacher’s Activities That Made a Difference in My Life

While studying in high school, I could not decide what profession I wanted to receive. I did not show much interest in exact sciences and was more interested in natural disciplines. Nevertheless, I could not understand what fascinated me most. However, when I managed to become the pupil of Mr. N.’s class, I realized what real dedication meant. Our teacher constantly helped us and me personally, talked to us not only about studying but also other topics.

Our conversations left me with warm memories of that time and how an ordinary teacher can simply and easily speak about complex things. Mr. N.’s involvement in my life helped me to understand what the medical field was, why it was important, and what benefits I could receive by working in this sphere. As Gibson et al. note, the attitude of the teacher towards students forms a certain worldview and those interests that can later be useful for professional activities (166). Mr. N.’s help was beneficial and important for me, and I am very grateful to him.

Impact on Personal Life

Recalling our conversations with Mr. N., I can see that he did not inspire me and all of us with concrete ideas and theories. On the contrary, he gave us an opportunity to think, choose, and reflect on what was essential. Subsequently, I realized that those conversations caused me to choose nursing as my main profession. Biology is closely related to medicine, and Mr. N. did everything possible to help to demonstrate success and the desire to achieve my goal.

Moreover, I began to notice the changes after communicating with the teacher. I became more confident in myself and was able to focus on a specific goal. Mr. N. can rightfully be considered my mentor teacher. According to Goodwin et al., effective learning is possible if students trust their mentor teachers and are ready to follow their instructions (1201). Due to Mr. N.’s help, I became a student in the nursing field and thank him for the assistance that he showed and the impact on my personality as a whole.


The participation of the teacher that I have described in my life was significant, and it was due to his help why I chose the current nursing activity and was able to focus on the achievement of a specific goal timely. Mr. N. helped me not only with the decision on admission but also the reassessment of some vital priorities. Due to his work, I felt that I could achieve success if I tried. Today, I understand that this teacher was and probably will be one of my main life mentors.

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