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Teacher’s Impact on Student’s Career Choice

It could be stated with certainty that teachers have an immense influence on the development of various outcomes of their students. Moreover, it is possible to observe that a good teacher does not only serve educational purposes, but he or she also shapes their students’ attitude toward career choices and decision-making in life. As it is stated by Saifan et al., “qualitative researchers believe that reality is understood through people sharing experience and interaction with others” (21). The purpose of this paper is to provide an overview of the teacher who had the greatest impact on me as a person. In order to achieve this goal, the essay will firstly dwell upon the evaluation of the teacher’s input that made a difference for me, and then I will describe how this teacher impacted my life.

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For the purposes of this paper, I have chosen to write about my school teacher, whose name is changed in order to respect the person’s confidentiality. Kate was my biology teacher during high school, and I can claim with great certainty that this person had the most profound impact on my decision to become a nursing professional. As it is pointed out by Ismail et al., “the teacher’s personality is essential because experiencing the proper pattern of clinical instructor’s behavior is a motivation for educating students” (97).

There are several aspects of her work that should be evaluated in order to understand the significance of her influence on me. First of all, she was passionate about the subject she was teaching, and thus she was able to invoke interests among people in the class. Of course, not everyone was involved in the subject to the same extent – some people responded with a greater passion due to their natural aptitude for biology, and I was among these people.

The second aspect, which I also consider to be highly important, is that Kate was able to provide us with a vivid description of why the work of a nursing professional is so important and contributing to society. I can suggest that it was one of her most compelling characteristics as a teacher: she was able to connect actual problems of contemporary society with the topics related to biology. This was a great advantage compared to the majority of other teachers, who often seemed detached from real-life problems, being only focused on their subject. Overall, it could be summarized that I evaluate Kate’s teaching style as highly efficient.

Since the evaluation is done, it would be appropriate to state that Kate has directly influenced my decision to become a nursing professional. Therefore, it is evident that she had an immense impact on my life because she helped me to make a difficult decision about my future career. She also taught me to think critically, which is one of the most important skills contributing to efficient learning.

However, the most important contribution by Kate as a teacher was the following: she had shown me that social problems, including issues in the public health sector, could be efficiently treated by any person who puts enough effort into it. Therefore, I was inspired by Kate to become a nursing professional because I understood that I could be in a position where I can make a difference and help people around me and the society at large. In conclusion, I should state that I highly evaluate my teacher’s contribution to my current perception of life.

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