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Technology for Effective Communication

The adoption of technology in the area of sport communication is an essential step towards the increase in its efficiency. Therefore, present-day organizations intend to address this need through such solutions as Twitter, and the most efficient tools are hyperlinks, hashtags, public messages, and retweets (Wang, 2020). The researchers claim that they allow building better relationships with their public and subsequently ensuring greater engagement (Wang, 2020). In this way, technology can improve the efficiency of organizations’ communication with fans.

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The Best and the Worst Examples

The best example of a job of communicating with fans was the use of social media by Glenn Miller. He aimed at attracting the attention of people to the importance of relationships in the field and the sport itself. In turn, the worst example was the initiative of the basketball team, the Los Angeles Clippers, in terms of continuously sending messages to their fans during their matches. As a result, the latter started complaining about such a policy and considered this information spam.

Expectations Regarding Communication

My expectations regarding communication at sporting events do not change over time since I have always highlighted the importance of technology in the matter. Hence, they are related to the spread of social media in this area and the responsible use of such sources not only by organizations but also by athletes. In this way, their combined efforts would create a favorable environment for fans to exchange their impressions.

Innovative Communication in the Future

In the future, technological solutions are likely to evolve and include those platforms which are insufficiently covered. In this way, the use of Twitter will be complemented by other social media, and this tendency will also spread to emerging sources of information. As for new communication trends, it might be the creation of a special sports network combining organizations, athletes, and fans for more efficient information exchange.


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