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Technology Impact Criminal Justice Administration


The United States has witnessed an increasing proportion of high-tech crimes in recent years. These crimes have become possible, as a result in rapid progress in information and communication technology. Thus, computer systems have provided a platform where high-tech crimes are easily committed.

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High- tech Computer Crimes in United States

Cyber Vandalism

Cyber vandalism is a computer crime in which the performance of the computer system is attacked. Terrorist use this sort of attack with a vicious intent, vengeance or damage in mind to achieve their sinister purposes (Siegel, 2010). One method in which this technique is used is using computer virus. Criminals spread computer viruses by using innocent looking links, emails and social networks sites. When in action, they attach the virus on videos, applications and hyperlinks. The virus then causes devastating consequence to the target. Such effects results in causing hard drive to fail or triggers back door Trojan applications which contain remote access programs. Further, key loggers, pornography sites, and access to comprehensive control over the computer system is achieved by exposing computer systems to viruses.

Similarly, computer hacking is often embraced by criminals as a form of vandalism (Siegel, 2010). The criminals hack or break into the security system with intent of altering data or with a goal of using a service. In addition, cyber stalking, where criminals aim for a person through the e-space is often linked to high-tech crime embraced by criminals.

Technology Crimes

Criminals also use software as part of committing e-crime (Siegel, 2010). When using the software’s, criminals often scams people with promises of winning large amount of money or prizes. This is achieved after enticing the culprits to provide personal information such as bank account numbers. A criminal also embraces cell phone to commit high-tech crimes (Bossler & Holt, 2012). They legitimately or fraudulently obtain cell phones, which they use, for unscrupulous reasons such as promising fake prizes. However, their ultimate aim is to illicit personal information and extorts money from people (Siegel, 2010). Other types of technology crimes include; software piracy, shoplifting, physical theft of computer hardware’s for resale among others.

Cyber Theft

Cyber theft is designated as using the internet to spread illegal software’s or promote fraudulent activities for profit gain (Siegel, 2010). This category of crimes encourages child pornography and the instigators mint millions of dollars every year from naive individuals while remaining anonymous. Example of cyber theft is denial of service attack, computer fraud and identity theft among others.

Recent Technologies in Combating High-Tech Crimes

Gunshot detection System

According to Weiss (2012) many police departments have embraced the technology in combating crimes. Gunshot detection system uses a multiple strategically placed electronic sensors, which help to establish the precise source of gunfire (Weiss, 2012). Police uses the GDS systems in areas where there is frequent gunshot and witnesses feel intimidated or scared to talk.


The agility and utility granted by iPads and other tablets has been widely embraced by the police departments across the United States (Weiss, 2012). They have become an essential aspect of police work. Police uses iPads to gather information and binding statements from suspects and witnesses. The iPads allow the police to be flexible in terms of being on streets and filing incident, accident and other reports (Weiss, 2012).

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High-tech crimes take different forms; hence, this has established a massive gap in enforcing the law. For example, in present-day society, cyber crime laws are poorly worded or do not directly apply to the types of crimes being examined. Conversely, many high-tech crimes laws vary from state to state hence; these have created inconsistency in their applications (Bossler & Holt, 2012). Besides, attempts to curb high-tech crimes in the law are thwarted by the pace at which technology devise compared to the rate at which laws are revised, created. The pace of technology has also affected training law enforcement agencies. There is no consistent curriculum specifically addressing high-tech crimes.

Personal Views

Effective application of technology to combat high-tech crime is fitting. However, measures which guarantee its ethical application should be encouraged by the stakeholders involved.

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