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Technology Impact on Communication

Communication is one of the key aspects of human life, and people interact with their neighbors, friends, and family daily. The introduction of modern technologies has changed the way people communicate, and in the twenty-first century, the percentage of those who use technologies and various gadgets has dramatically increased. The general importance of communication is significant as it helps to avoid misunderstandings between people and set strong relationships (Hansen 13). Technology improves the level of communication and brings benefits to interpersonal connections. This essay will cover the key factors that changed the way people communicate. Moreover, it will present advantages and disadvantages of modern innovations which actively participate in people’s everyday lives.

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With the invention of the Internet, people can share news quicker, and people who live abroad might have a chance to call their relatives and friends for free. Individuals from different parts of the world may find foreign friends by registering on specific social media platforms. The use of technologies helps to unite the world and make it better in the social aspect of life. According to Fulk, it became easier to spread important information for a short period of time using social role models like Instagram bloggers or famous TikTokers (12). Communication between businesses and customers has also become easier as marketing directors have a chance to directly contact their target audience via phone or place advertisements on social media to support B2C relationships.

Technology may play a significant role during crisis times, and the losses might become less significant. For instance, during the COVID-19 pandemic, people could not go to their normal workplaces due to governmental restrictions. Technology became salvation in this situation as people moved to remote work using their laptops, smartphones, and one of the most famous applications called Zoom. Individuals are constantly looking for easy ways to live, and technical supplies help in achieving this goal (Murphie and Potts 23). By using technology during uncertain times can continue following their routines and maintain a high level of communication via social media platforms.

Nevertheless, technology can have both positive and negative sides, which may affect every person. For example, while it is believed that smartphones and laptops help increase the level of communication inside and outside countries, the number of people who prefer communication in real-time is decreasing. Even though technology has improved the level of interpersonal contacts, communication in the real world stays crucial. It is important to spend time outside homes, meet friends, and communicate in cafes and restaurants. Moreover, people might meet fake information posted on the Internet, and some people can use random names to cheat and conduct illegal actions for easy money. Consequently, it is crucial to evaluate obtained information and follow only reliable groups to stay sure that the intensive flow of negativity does not ruin their experience in communication.

In conclusion, communication plays a significant role in people’s existence, and it is important to understand potential threats which might bring unpleasant experiences to all technology users. When individuals understand how to use technical supplies to receive more benefits than drawbacks, the general level of communication increases, and the connection between different nations improves. However, if people cannot recognize the harmful influence of technologies and the Internet, the whole attitude to these innovations will be decreased, and the communication experience might become dangerous.

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