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Impact of Technology on the Communication


Communication technology happens to be the main breakthrough in the contemporary world of technology. Millions of people are connected via the Internet without even leaving their houses. This presents splendid opportunities for people to make foreign friends, develop businesses, and take part in globalization. The paper is going to unveil the main opportunities and the disadvantages presented by communication technologies. The communication in front of a computer makes it easier to trespass geographical boundaries and benefit economically while joys of social face-to-face communication become a reality of the past for contemporary youth which damages the social environment greatly.

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Social Networks

Social networks nowadays are the main means for the youth to communicate, make friends, exchange information, and most importantly have their life tracked down online. While communication has long been limited to house boundaries (the development of phone cable connection), the Internet now gives an opportunity to showcase the personal life of an individual which significantly changes the social norms. While several decades ago it was somewhat improperly to expose one’s personal life, today the revealing pictures are not a surprise within the social networks. Moreover, this makes friends take another attitude towards friendship and communication. While a decade ago it was a common tradition to go out in the evening, come over to a friend’s house, or just talk about the problems bugging, today the social network status is enough to upgrade on the events in your life.

Relationships Altered

As such, the relationships between couples have to be elaborated on within the scope of contemporary communication technologies. People stopped going out as frequently as it was before – the dating websites have taken over largely (Tarbox 27). The invasion of online dating agencies has a great impact on people’s personal life. The couples do not get to have first eye contact and talk during the first meeting. They sit by their computer and talk to someone you do not even know the real name of. Teenagers use and frequently abuse modern technologies while parents often have no idea of the current problem because of the generation gap problem. Very often the experience that can be got due to real-life chats can be much richer than talking to a friend online. The non –verbal communication skills are lost, whereas a teenager will need to use those one day (Bast 57).

Globalization due to the Internet

Globalization has been a great push for all countries all over the world to keep up to the high standards of education (Echezona et al., 078). This is a great opportunity for people to get abroad, for example, and study there for future higher goals setting. This is what globalization is all about – the economical growth of the entire country and its separately taken citizens. This way not only labor-seeking migration is exercised; new opportunities become available for people who want and are able to keep up to high global standards. An Internet connection makes it possible to exercise free research, phone calls, and more beneficial results for the seeker.


In conclusion, it must be said that communication technologies are changing social environments greatly. The teenagers – the most active participants – are altering the social norms currently. This is going to be a social communication revolution when there will be no need to leave the house except for groceries supplies. Communication online expands geographical boundaries but lacks personal contact that making it impossible to notice different hidden meanings through non-verbal communication.

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