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Television and Society. Cold Case Files Series


Among the many factors that influence a person’s life, is the television, which is viewed in most households of the world, at times due to entertainment, and sometimes due to quenching the thirst for knowledge. With the rising crime scenes all over, new crime detection series are additionally viewed on air, to solve the homicidal cases of those helpless people whose files have been closed, without a concrete result in hand.

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Type of Show

Among the scores of other competitive crime-related series viewed on air, is the one hour ‘Cold Case Files series. It is a serial collectively put forth to bring to the limelight, problems of the populace, by and large. These problems are related to murder cases mostly, which remain unsolved for certain reasons.

Target Audience

The audience that has been targeted for this show is the populace that has many homicidal cases which were unable to be concluded during their trials. Those who face such issues are targeted, to come to an end result that may satisfy them, and the victims be provided justice. The sufferers would be given their due justice only when the culprits of the crimes are caught and punished.


The cold case files series are named so, because those cases that have been dormant or ‘cold’ in the past, are addressed. An analysis of the series shows that it is a benefit to the general public on the whole, as the cases pertain to these very people, and not to a circle of some special community. It is a fair program, which deals with those individuals who have not been given just outcomes regarding some negative experiences they may have gone through. The way the program is portrayed may be beneficial to the viewers who have dealt with such hard times in the past. It may also be a thought-provoking serial for those who have their problems left unsaid and are living with a hope to be heard one day. The problems pertain to killings only, and not issues of all genres.

A group of detectives carries out the investigations, with the evidence they have, without the killer knowing that he is being searched for. Whatever little proof they have of the killing that has taken place in the past, is put in execution for the exercise in hunting for the eradicator.


Meredith Stiehm has incorporated a good crew into the airing of this show. She created the cold case series along with other episodic serials such as NYPD Blue and ER. The only female character of the group of detectives is Lilly Rush, who works with a mind of her own, plotting new ways to make previous runaway killers invoke more crime. The rest of the detectives include detective Scotty Valens, Will Jeffries, Nick Vera, and Kat Miller.

The characters are a competitive lot, all detectives, and specialize in one area or another. They seek each other’s help in their tasks, and assist one another in solving unsolved crimes.

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Overall Analysis

On the whole, this series is a ray of light for the helpless people, to make the impossible possible. It may anticipate those who feel they have lost their lives while keeping alive, for integrity to give them a breakthrough in life.


The cold case files may be a ray of light for many, and such television serials and shows should be encouragingly aired to attain maximum attraction from viewers.


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