Ten Things to Reinvent Journalism


I suggest the following ten things to reinvent journalism. First of all, it is to empower the readers by continuously engaging them in various posts and writings. Keeping one’s readers and the public well informed and fully engaged in the current affairs and news enables the readers to access the news or get to know other people’s opinion on some particular article. A journalist should value every element of unsolicited praise for any work done.

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Second of all, start your own social media-based news. The continuously changing ways in which the consumers receive news requires the journalists to have a well updated and strong social media-based news site, from where they can handle correspondence and also be able to deliver up-to-date news to their readers.

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Keep track of people who deliver detailed information to you. The journalists should be able to identify and keep close contact with people who have proven to be a great resource in terms of information sources.

Journalists need to reinvent and evolve with their consumers. To consider the rapid and continuous change of consumers’ taste in regards to the way the journalists should present their news is an important issue. They should be able to identify and adopt new and trendy technologies, such as digitalization in order to maintain their brands and be of relevance in the modern world.

Then, one must create a viral newsroom. With the emergence and wide acceptability of social media as a journalistic tool, journalists should be able to make very strong viral newsrooms which will be able to increase their article readership as well as maintain their stream of readers. This is essential in giving quick and continuous interest-driven news that is readily available.

What is more, one needs to extract the main story among other stories, which is achieved by first rethinking how to segment one’s article. One of the principal challenges in news media for journalists’ acceptance and adaptation to the digital mass media is rivalry received from nonconsolidated niche services, freelance and openings to news gleaners.

Furthermore, one should increase one’s rate of writing. As a journalist, you need to have more articles done regularly in the pursuit of covering all news as it streams in. This boosts the need to create more content in the articles. Content can always be found and newer articles are written.

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The next step is to write contextual posts. Journalism entails enticing your readers to listen, read and perceive the story, not just meaninglessly snapping on links getting referred to other links and pages in an unremitting and endless string of threads and headers from which little is understood. Currently, the best journalists are finding the articles and stories that define their writings from the mass media and from which they build detailed and deeply informative articles.

Encourage diversity. Writing and posting articles of variant diversity is also an important tool in ensuring a steady stream of readers to your posts. It increases the readership in the long run. The journalist who has the capability of writing varied articles on various topics attracts a wider number of readers.

Last but not least is to optimize the truth. Journalists should verify their information sources as much as possible for accuracy and truth before publishing it. Posting baseless news can only work against a reputable journalist.


When comparing both the old and new versions of “Ten things journalists can do to reinvent journalism”, I agree with them in their insistence on posting accurately covered articles that convey the truth on the community that they serve, posting what they know when they know it, and letting the story unfold incrementally and in relaying the story to the reader as they want it. However, I am against the idea of discouraging journalists to stop writing for the front page as this goes against the journalists’ ego. Journalism should be treated like a competition since it is in reality. Submitting articles and stories to competitions encourages the writer to create better articles, which are not geared to the readers.

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