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Textural Analysis of Kanye West’s Song “Heartless”


It is hard to find out the sincere attitude of a woman toward a man when the love is one-sided. In such situations people are crazy to do some hateful actions suffering from a depression, as a result. The song by Kanye West Heartless is a direct demonstration of a man’s love toward a woman in terms of everything they “have been through”. In this respect the textual peculiarities of the song are grounded on the features of description what happened previously and how it can be solved at the moment. The wording structure of the song determined with the principles of composing rap songs with a manner of cantillation. In fact, the song is divided into different parts which outline the flow of idea which can be seen throughout the whole text of the song. Furthermore, the singer is highly emotionally motivated to underline the tragedy of the situation in the song, as if it happened with him in person. Thus, the idea of unrequited love is described in the song from the very beginning of it, so that to provide a listener with a living example when women are cruel in their love affairs and playing with other people feelings.

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Main Body

Though, Kanye West straightforwardly titled the song as Heartless to depict and explain the content of the song from the very beginning. The drama of the story is incorporated in an example of heartbreak situation between him and his ex-girlfriend. The relationships between them were not so easy, but an extent of love deep emotional background was represented, for sure. The singer compares coldness of the main character in the song with “winter wind” (West para 2). Moreover, the lyrics of the song describes personal thrilling story which is meant to be the hardest in Kanye’s life:

How could be so Dr. Evil?
You’re bringin’ out a side of me that I don’t know
I decided we weren’t gon’ speak so
Why we up 3 A.M. on the phone (West para 6)

Also it is amazing for him why such trouble appeared in his life. There is a dilemma that even being apart these two are leaning to each other. The tone of the song is rather depressed from the emotional point of view. The textual peculiarities are reckoned with the low-spirited intentions of the singer. He tells this story with an extent of heart martyrdom.

And now you wanna get me back and you gon’ show me
So you walk around like you don’t know me
You got a new friend, well I got homies
But in the end it’s still so lonely (West para 4).

Drifting apart both heroes of the song are helpless in order to express their true feelings. Such framework impresses with the outcomes which are embodied in the loneliness being in lives of both. To demonstrate the necessity of being together the Kanye provides a listener with the statement that love is a difficult thing which can hurt a man when significant other is “heartless”. The impacts of people talking here and there with points on critical evaluation of the characters is one of the main reasons for their breach and having no way out.


Thus, the most dramatic moment is in the fact that the main character hears his story in the night being lonely and wandering somewhere in the street. So the West wants to “knock off” such thoughts about their relationships trying to unite, but the fact of their being enemies to each other leads to nowhere.

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