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Thanksgiving Day. Dinner and Other Traditions


This paper describes dinner events on Thanksgiving Day. It’s therefore divided as follows;

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Thanksgiving day has always been special to me especially because it gives us a chance to break from our commitments and meet our friends and family after a rather long while. It is also a time when we count our blessings all year long.


My grand mother has been preparing thanks giving dinner ever since I was born, in fact this time the dinner was more special for all off us because my father had just graduated from Chicago University. My mother had left early to help grand mother in preparing for the dinner. I dressed in a black long dress and a silver belt with black high heel shoes that my father bought for me. My dad wore a black suit with a white shirt and a black boll tie while my younger brother was in a white cotton suit which gave him an elegant look. At around three in the afternoon, we all went to our car and drove to my grand mother’s house where the dinner was to take place.

Grandmother’s house was well prepared for the occasion. It was lit by candles on pumpkin candle holders. The table was covered with a thanksgiving table cloth and some pieces of harvest linen were on the table too. Uncle James, Auntie Mary and cousin Noella were seated on the coach in the living room enjoying their cocktails. My brother and I greeted uncle, aunt and cousin Noella; my uncle smiled and hugged my father as he whispered congratulations to his ear. With five glasses and a jug containing the cocktail in a tray mother joined in.

We were all happy to see one another and we chatted over various thing. Grandmother soon came down stairs to find us all there. She hugged us all as she asked my brother, my cousin and I how we were doing in school.

No sooner had we finished our drinks than grand mother, mother and my aunt went to set the table. The rest of us were excited to see what was prepared for the occasion. The table was filled up with lots of food. We had roasted turkey, oyster stew, minced meat pie, mashed potatoes, rice, deviled eggs, fruit cake, fruit salad and wine. The aroma in the air could make anyone salivate. As is our family tradition, we first prayed and then sat to enjoy the food. We took our food as we remembered the previous thanks giving. We had fruit cake and oyster stew which was not present on the last thanks giving.

After the meal, we gave my father his graduation gifts and Noella who had a sweet voice sang him a congratulatory song she had composed for him. My father was shying from all this attention so we decided to play country music for everyone to dance. The best dancer was going to get a gift. I knew my brother was going to be the winner on this; he had dance moves that no one could match. He sure won and got Gucci sun glasses as a gift. We then engaged in story telling and played cards till way past midnight when we left for home.

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As the occasion came to an end, we had memories that we will keep to the next thanks giving day. It was a good chance to share as a family in our success and hard work and also to be grateful to God for every success.

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