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The UAE Cultural Dimensions Review

Cultural analysis

An analysis of the target market is a very important issue before making the decision to move into the market with goods or services. Market analysis comprises of various aspects. Culture is one of the aspects that ought to be considered during market analysis. In the course of analyzing the United Arabs Emirates important cultural features need to be put in to consideration. This paper therefore explores the UAE cultural dimensions that influence business decisions.

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The culture of UAE has some aesthetics that are of high value to the people. Things like plastic surgery to alter the appearance of the face have become a very common feature in the culture of the people. Business investors considering to start business in this market requires more research and information concerning plastic surgery. Interior design aesthetics has also gained popularity in the UAE. Therefore the culture can be said to be rich in aesthetics that are important for new business establishments.

Attitudes and believes

In the UAE people are not so much involved in believes and attitudes. UAE is not a very religious region. This can therefore not be a threat to business actitivies.In the past the people were deep into Islamic believes but with changing lifestyles the current generations have little believes towards marriage and family life. The peoples like interacting with other people from other parts of the world. The people do not have a good attitude towards the Americans may be because of the recent events in Iraq. Investors with American products must therefore think carefully before venturing into the market. The attitudes towards products from other parts of the world are not biased as it can be depicted by the wide range of imported products into the market.


The religion of UAE is strictly Islamic based on the provisions of their constitutions. This is likely to influence decision making in business. The religion does not entail stringent or constricting requirements that can make people to be biased in their preferences. The domination of Islam in the region means that Islamic regalia have a lot of market. Investors have to give first priority to Islamic regalia to achieve results within a short time. An understanding of the fact that Islam is dominant in the region is fundamental in deciding on the right personnel that can work in the region. For instance people would require knowledge of Islamic practices so as to quickly explore the market. Religion cannot therefore be considered to be an obstacle to investment in the region. Both Muslims and non Muslims have an opportunity to compete effectively.

Material culture

Technology has been a very fast growing sector in the UAE. The use of ICT tools has improved efficiency in communication in the region. Most of the people are updated with the current trend sin technology. People in the region appreciate change through technology because of what they are able to do. The existence of many foreigners in the region has led to high demand of IT systems to facilitate communication from all parts of the world. Technology in this particular market is very critical for business establishment and growth. New investors must put into consideration the importance of technology in the culture of the people. Technology has influenced the lifestyles of most of the people in the region and indeed affects their preferences.


In the UAE the official language is Arabic. The indigenous people in this region spoke this language. However English features prominently in the region and is considered to be the language of communication. To prevent barriers to communication investors from non-English speaking nations must consider these factors. It is important for them to learn this language to facilitate communication during business otherwise they would experience serious problems with the language of communication. Companies wishing to establish business in the UAE must ensure a good mastery of English language and some Arabic. This would facilitate the smooth communication process as they undertake their business activities. Sign language in the UAE is mainly in English and Arabic. Despite the two languages, other minor languages such as Hindi and Punjabi are also in existence. These languages are as a result of expatriates from all over the world.

Societal organization

UAE is well organized into social structures that are important to businesses. There are families which are headed by both men and women. Social institutions such as schools are also in existence and they are attractive to investors especially with the increased demand for educational facilities. Social organization in their region has been influenced by religion and other aspects of life that influence interactions between people. Social classes are in existence. These classes are mainly based on economic factors with the wealthy in the society occupying the top, followed by the middle class then finally the underclass. The social arrangement is important when making decisions on the right demographic to target for new businesses. Most successful companies have focused on all the classes in their market strategies.

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Legal characteristics

The UAE is a market that has well established laws that govern all business operations. The laws provide protection to all the parties involved in business in the region. The law breakers are punished through the well established judicial systems. Consumers also have laws that protect them from harmful products and unscrupulous companies and businessmen. Because of the legal framework within which all businesses operate, new companies cannot be worried to establish their businesses in the region since it is a secure market. The people who are in charge of legal issue have had enough experience in handling business cases in the region hence they inspire more confidence in investors that their investments would be safe.

Political structure

UAE is a region that has been enjoying peace and stability for a very long time. Political unrest in this region has not been experienced for a long time. The well organized political structures are responsibilble for the sound business environment that is attractive to even foreigners. It is also worth mentioning that politics do not interfere with business establishment in the country. This provides an equal opportunity for all investors to try their luck in the market. Politics in the country are not likely to lead to economic hardships in the country in the near future. Therefore various currencies can thrive in this particular market.

In conclusion it is important to mention that UAE has provided an opportunity for investors from all over the world to come in and compete for the available market. Despite the few challenges that might be present, UAE remains a potential business area that is supposed to be fully exploited especially by emerging international business companies.


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