The Amazon Pollution and Its Effect on Birds


The large territory of the Amazon, due to its many tributaries, is the home of various species of birds. Despite the fact that big districts of this water area are not inhabited by people, pollution problems affect this region due to the active development of wild places and human-made interference. This activity, in turn, affects the bird population negatively and is detrimental to many rare species. Water, air, and soil pollution cause significant harm and entail changes in the behavior of birds, thereby creating obstacles to their reproduction, migration, and normal existence. A human role in this problem is crucial, and its solution by combating contamination is urgent because of an ever-complicating situation. The pollution of the Amazon as one of the largest water areas is an issue that should concern not only ornithologists but also ordinary citizens who are not indifferent to wild nature and its inhabitants.

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Current State of the Territory

The development of the Amazon’s wild territories is one of the priority areas of industry in South America because this region contains a large stock of valuable resources, in particular, wood. However, such an activity destroys a unique ecosystem and affects its inhabitants. According to Ahmed et al., one of the problems is the construction of road networks and deforestation as the implication of such an activity influences the diversity of birds negatively (20141742). As a result, large-scale industrial landfills lead to water and soil pollution.

Another significant problem that deforestation entails is the destruction of wild birds’ habitats. As a rule, large industrial machinery is involved, which cuts down vast tracts of wild forests without leaving behind any life. The nests of many birds are destroyed, and potential areas for settlement are reduced. Therefore, today, increased human-made activity in the Amazon region is a significant problem and threat to the fauna.

Impact on Birds

The impact of pollution caused by deforestation on birds is significant. In their study, Ahmed et al. note that over several years, “an average of 83 species of forest-associated birds” have disappeared (20141742). This result of human-made activities is threatening because, with the increase in the number of developed territories, this figure will grow. Birds that lose their nests cannot return to their former places. At the same time, there are species that do not migrate and are forced to remain on their territory. These birds are most at risk, compounded by an increasing pollution rate. The garbage from industrial activities contaminates water and soil, thus making it poisonous. In addition, birds’ food becomes significantly scarcer since they are unable to eat many insects because of the decrease in the number of forest areas. Consequently, they are forced to move to different places, and the consumption of contaminated water and food is an additional factor affecting the population of various species negatively. Therefore, those habits acquired under the influence of environmental pollution reduce the likelihood of restoring the previous number of birds.


The impact of the pollution of the Amazon on birds, their populations, and habits is significant and is the object of concern to many stakeholders. Deforestation and the problems that it entails threaten the diversity of species and their normal living in a favorable environment. A high level of human-made activities is a key factor determining the relevance of the issue and its importance in relation to the considered water area.

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