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  1. Marine Pollution in Australia
    This paper will set out to engage in a detailed discussion about marine pollution in Australia. It will begin by highlighting the major sources of marine pollution.
  2. International Marine Pollution Law
    International Marine law is essential in governing the natural resources from illegal acts of pollution that poses dangers to marine life and the life depending on the waters of oceans or seas.
  3. Environmental Pollution (Fresh Water)
    In terms of the water Pollution, conditioning it would be analyzed whether it has declined or improved over the past few years and if so the degree would be determined.
  4. Water Pollution
    This essay seeks to examine the concept of water pollution, its causes, effects and solutions to water pollution.
  5. Environmental Pollution Effects on Health
    Environmental contaminations such as lead taxation, noise and air pollution harmfully affect physical, psychological health and behavioral patterns of adults and children.
  6. The Issue of Environment Pollution in Peru
    For their scavenger habits, the Peruvians use black vultures, or coragyps atrarus. This species is extensive in population and does not fall under special protection.
  7. Water Pollution Causes, Effects and Solutions
    This essay seeks to examine the concept of water pollution, its causes, effects and solutions to water pollution. Water pollution takes place in various water bodies all over the world.
  8. Iron Ore Industry and Environmental Pollution
    This paper is an economic analysis of environmental pollution as a current issue or problem facing the iron ore industry.
  9. Air Pollution Health Risks Information Campaign
    This paper is dedicated to developing and planning an information campaign about Air Pollution Health Risks in a suburban community with a population of 20,000.
  10. Air Pollution Threats: Parent Education
    The purpose of this pamphlet is to educate parents on the dangers of air pollution and suggest preventive strategies to keep their children safe.
  11. Clean Air Act: Overall Air Pollution Reducing
    The problem of environmental pollution and, in particular, the air became especially urgent after the emergence of large industrial enterprises operating on harmful fuel.
  12. Pollution Forms, Effects and Mitigation
    This article discusses the major forms of pollution, including air, water, noise, and soil pollution. It puts on sources of pollutants, effects of pollution, and methods of mitigating pollution.
  13. Pollution and Noise as Environmental Health Issues
    This paper explores the concept of environmental health and the issues related to its use. On the whole, a detailed explanation of the term “environmental health” is provided.
  14. Global Food Supplies, Overpopulation and Pollution
    The essay explores the problem of the threats to global food supplies and presents solutions and a critique of their effectiveness in alleviating this challenge.
  15. Beijing’s Air Pollution Crisis Resolution
    Beijing’s struggle with poor air quality is far from over. Nevertheless, the government demonstrated its commitment to reducing particulate matter in the atmosphere.
  16. Chemical Pollution and Loans in Business Ethics
    This paper examines two scenarios and evaluates the application of different ethical approaches to offer solutions to the dilemmas facing victims.
  17. Reducing the Rate of Pollution
    This work presents a proposal of the project aimed at developing a strategy initiated by the E227 Global Solutions Company to reduce the rate of pollution it generates annually.
  18. Industrial Pollution and Environmental Regulation
    Environmental regulations should be not be overlooked by manufacturing companies because they can be forced to pay heavy fines if their activities detrimentally affect the environment.
  19. Pollution Impact on the Environment
    Pollution destroys the environment and kills all kinds of living organisms that inhabit the planet. The mortality rate of people with cancer grows every year.
  20. Traffic and Pollution in Los Angeles
    In Los Angeles, high car fuel consumption causes both environmental and health issues. The most cost-effective solution is to replace all cars in the city with donkeys.

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  1. Evaluating the Efficacy of Government Spending on Air Pollution Control: A Case Study From Beijing
    While living in a city often means better conditions and access to goods and services, rapid urban development has been associated with adverse health outcomes due to air pollution.
  2. Water Pollution Index of Batujai Reservoir, Central Lombok Regency-Indonesia
    Despite having 6% of the world’s water resources, Indonesia’s environmental policies have not only been raising concerns but also pushed the country to the brink of water crisis.
  3. Causes and Effects of Pollution
    The causes and effects of pollution are multiple and varied, and they should be examined closely to better understand this phenomenon.
  4. The WWF’s Environmental Advertisement on Marine and Ocean Pollution
    Visual image can also make a convincing point, and this is particularly applicable to social and environmental advertising.
  5. The Amazon Pollution and Its Effect on Birds
    The impact of the pollution of the Amazon on birds, their populations, and habits is significant and is the object of concern to many stakeholders.
  6. Can Pollution Free Corporations Exist?
    A multinational corporation refers to an enterprise that delivers services in at least two countries. In addition to this, a multi-national corporation manages production establishments.
  7. Pollution And Health: An Analysis
    Global warming is a real threat to the global community, and we can save the future generations by employing simple solutions to considerably minimize pollution and the global warming.
  8. Air Pollution: Effects and Regulations
    This essay analyzes the air pollution effects and regulations based on a simple observation of a smoke coming from a large smokestack.
  9. Methods of Planet Pollution Prevention
    The world is currently experiencing several environmental problems. The majority of these problems are due to drastic globalization and the vast natural processes.
  10. Bioremediation Technology Against Environmental Pollution
    The rapid environmental pollution which occurs due to poor solid waste disposal can be collected by the use of bioremediation technology.
  11. Industrial Pollution in China and the USA
    Industries in China and the USA produce sulfur dioxide gas into the atmosphere, when it rains the gas reacts with water to produce sulphuric acid.
  12. Water and Soil Pollution: Effects on the Environment
    Water and soil pollution is the process of contaminating water and soil. In this project, we will investigate the apparent main pollutants of the Spring Mill Lake.
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