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The Benefits of a Home Gym


Obesity is a health problem that peoples from all walks of life battle with daily. The most common solution to such problems is to follow a proper diet and participate in an exercise program. The need for a proper exercise program is the reason why fitness gyms have become a booming business over the past decade. However, there are many drawbacks to having a gym membership which has pushed those who are serious about maintaining their health to invest in a home gym. This paper aims to evaluate the reasons why investing in a home gym proves to be beneficial to those serious about maintaining their health program.

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Economic considerations

Due to the current economic crisis that is sweeping the world, people have had to prioritize and sacrifice activities that are deemed to be superfluous and too heavy on the regular budget of a family. As everyone knows, fitness center memberships are very costly and as such, are sometimes considered to be a lifestyle instead of a necessity. So, once people who have gym memberships allow it to lapse, they tend to forgo exercising altogether.

However, some choose to invest in a few pieces of home-sized exercise pieces of equipment such as a treadmill, stationary bike, exercise ball, and a few weights, end up following their gym regimen at home and often notice that their home-based exercise routine proves to be more effective in terms of weight loss. In actuality, the total cost of creating a home gym setup is equivalent to a year’s worth of gym membership. The cost evens out though because the purchase of the equipment is a one-time huge expense. The machines and other exercise paraphernalia pay for themselves over time.

Ease of access to exercise equipment

Those who praise the benefits of a home gym do so based on time and effort saved. Experts have long said that as little as 20 minutes of exercise a day offers many benefits. That is merely a pocket of time within a person’s day-long activities. People who go to the gym spend 20 minutes of their time looking for a parking spot before they can even get into their workout clothes. Then they spend even more time waiting on the availability of the machines.

A home gym offers more benefits in this sense because there is always an activity at home which will allow you a packet of time to exercise. Time is not wasted in getting ready to exercise because one can exercise wearing his house clothes and the machines and equipment are readily available for the user.

Effectiveness and other benefits of the home gym equipment

An evaluation of the current crop of home exercise machines available on the market these days proves that one does not need to use bulky gym-sized machines to lose weight or keep up with their health regimen. The home gyms are designed to deliver optimum effects at an affordable price and using limited space. And because of the proximity of the machine to everyone in the family, all the family members benefit from the existence of the home gym. Nobody has an excuse to not exercise. Exercise becomes playtime and bonding time for the members of the family. After all, the best encouragement that one can ever have to succeed in exercising comes from family members.


In conclusion, I would have to say that my evaluation of the benefits of the home gym has shown evidence that people prefer using home gym equipment due to its proximity and ready availability. So they tend to reap more benefits from exercising in the comfort of their own homes rather than going for the so-called “professional workouts” at the fitness gyms.

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