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The Case of Veronica: Human Trafficking

Unfortunately, numerous people are oppressed in different ways, and human trafficking is one of the most severe issues in the modern world. Although slavery is illegal in every country, estimates suggest that more people are trafficked today than ever before in history (Laser-Maira et al., 2018). The problem is severe, as it adversely affects millions of individuals regardless of their gender, age, and nationality. However, people who belong to some groups are more likely to be victims of human trafficking. Nevertheless, everyone can become an ally to them, improve their communities, and make the world a better place to live. Hence, it is essential to be aware of the issue and take action to eliminate it.

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Fortunately, many organizations do their best to support victims of human trafficking and endeavor to alleviate the problem. For example, Polaris is one of them, and its website presents much useful information on human trafficking, spreads recent news regarding the issue, and motivates people to take action. It mostly addresses the problem domestically, but it also pays attention to some international cases. Individuals who are not familiar with the question can gain in-depth knowledge of human trafficking and determine how they can assist in combating the issue with the website’s help. Polaris reports that 25 million people are trafficked worldwide and explains what can be done to decrease the number (“Take Action”). Besides, it raises money to help victims of human trafficking individually and organize campaigns against it.

Furthermore, it is essential to visit such websites to learn more about the issue to eliminate it. Polaris, along with other organizations, proves that everyone can help such individuals as young Veronica, who went through the horrors of human trafficking. There are numerous ways to combat the problem, such as donating money, supporting relevant legislation concerning trafficking, educating others, and fighting the factors leading to the issue, including poverty, addiction, and hopelessness (“Take Action”). According to Adams et al. (2018), “Being an ally is a difficult and complex role that can take on many meanings and require a wide variety of actions, many of which are challenging” (p. 448). Nevertheless, it is vital to understand that even learning more about human trafficking and spreading information about it or donating several dollars can improve the lives of victims of human trafficking or contribute to alleviating the problem. Without any doubt, it is critical to speak up despite being privileged but not to ignore oppressed groups.

Besides, there are numerous opportunities to get involved and support those who have been trafficked. People need to acknowledge that privilege and oppression exist, pay attention, learn to listen, and take at least small steps to improve the situation (Adams et al., 2018). For example, if the police ignore human trafficking, it is essential to speak up about it and protest to bring it to court. In addition, many volunteering opportunities help individuals become aware of the issue, realize their role in eliminating it, and broaden their perspective. Even though it may be challenging to find ways to help victims of human trafficking directly, people can concentrate on fighting poverty or addiction, which leads to the problem. Therefore, everyone should become an ally to such individuals as Veronica, as they need help and support. Moreover, nobody knows what challenges they may face in the future on their own.


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