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Social-Justice Perspective Analysis

Professional counseling practice is continuously changing nowadays; however, several issues still remain; for instance, the problem of biases in higher education. There is no doubt that counselors in schools are some of the most vital workers since they assist students. Nevertheless, it is evident that many of them try to navigate their ideas in a school environment. For instance, political and social justice perspectives on counseling are closely intertwined since the latter includes imposing theories regarding political actions and engagement. Even though advisers try to present neutral views in their work, sometimes prejudices could still be present. In this case, their opinions are not necessarily problematic unless they try to impose them in harmful ways. Therefore, the main issue about a political perspective on counseling is how academic workers express their ideas and navigate politics in educational facilities.

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However, it becomes a major problem when an advisor attempts to enforce their agendas, despite the fact that initially, their opinions seem appropriate. For instance, currently, social justice activism has become apparent in school environments. While the ideas of this perspective are not harmful and express the desire for equality, there are several disadvantages that are connected with their implementation. For instance, some activists believe that concepts of social justice should be the righteous ideal that should be strived for by all counselors. In the case where advisers use different ethical codes in their work, they can be called oppressive and immoral since their activities do not involve ending all kinds of oppression in an educational facility. For this reason, it can be assumed that activists consider their own agenda to be above every other belief. Therefore, there is a possibility that they can use discriminatory tactics against those who do not share their opinions. These are the main drawbacks of the social justice perspective, which can be considered as a reasonable explanation as to why such agendas should be imposed into professional training with care.

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