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The Coca-Cola Company’s Objectives and Key Results


Being the beginning of the marketing plan, objectives should be set thoroughly in order to allow a company to achieve its goals.

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A SMART Objective for Coca-Cola

To produce 20 percent more Coca-Cola Zero by the end of 2021.

  • S – the goal is precise.
  • M – the goal is quantified.
  • A – the goal will be achieved by existing factories that specialize in this product.
  • R – a realistic goal can be met with existing resources (Bjerke and Renger, 2017). The goal is achievable as the company has enough resources and a developed recipe.
  • T – the goal is time-related and has the precise date by which it must be achieved.

Objectives and Key Results

Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) were utilized by many global enterprises. It is an innovative management tool that aims at encouraging clear communication, which contributes to effective communication within a company (Heinemann, 2020). The method’s effectiveness became especially obvious within the IT industry, which is why OKRs work for Google (Klanwaree and Choemprayong, 2019). For example, in 2018, each team of Google developed its own marketing plans using OKRs, and it was considered a high-level strategy that led to success (Doerr, 2018). OKRs, which imply “whats” and “hows” describing future measurable outcomes, do not work only in technology companies and can be regarded as a replacement for SMART objectives.

OKRs are Useful to Coca-Cola

OKRs implies a clear definition of tasks for the entire company, its departments, and employees. The key feature of the method is that the goal is not 100% achievable, and an employee is expected to feel a little uncomfortable (Niven and Lamorte, 2016). Since Coca-Cola is a more adopted brand then than Pepsi (Sultan et al., 2019), the company should adopt the latest marketing planning methods. Knowledge management is determining factor for organizations’ success (Deise and de Moura, 2016). Moreover, OKRs always imply transparency of information in the company (Hwang, Lin, and Shin, 2018). OKRs establish an algorithm for achieving goals, which can allow Coca-Cola to be specific while planning and increase employee commitment.

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