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“The Color Landscape” by Kayne

The story of color landscape talks about a photographer who through a process upgraded or developed from taking white and black pictures, to a level of not only taking colored pictures but also being a teacher of photography in several schools and colleges.

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The story began when the author was in college back in the year 1980 when he was given the grant to work in archaeology digs found in Egypt and others in Israel. He bought a manual camera to capture the scenery for documentation. During this time he had gone through photography classes where he learned more about photography history. In the course of his stay in the cities, he took time to explore the scenery where he captured white and black images for documentation. Eventually, he bought a larger manual camera, and as a result, he changed his color interpretation of the natural scenery (Kayne para. 1).

Therefore, fine art scenery gained significantly in credit and gratitude throughout the photography world. This was as a result of highly competent artists like Christopher Burkett, William Neil, and Tom Till, who opened the gallery with the hope of contributing to the work of photography.

The mission of the author of ‘color landscape’ in the field of taking picture enterprise was a fine art print. This made him be highly specialized in his subject matter although it was contrary to the considerable majority of the hefty color of scenery photographers, whose main earning is derived from editorial and manuscript products in the market. Although the writer was involved in sales, his main focus and attention were on fine art printing and marketing. He was also involved with the local non-profit organization, which made him donate fine art print to help in raising finances and for exhibition purposes. The writer seeks shelter, liberty, and renewal of the spirit in natural areas because in these areas his emotions are elevated (Kayne para. 4).

In addition, the goal of the writer was to make expressive fine art print that would induce fear, ambiguity, excitement, and spiritual rebirth. Moreover, his aspiration was to express rumination, oddity, and emotion, with the use of color as a strong building block of composition. For color photography to flourish, it must go further than the factual to bring out the aspect of emotion to the viewer. Similarly, viewers must see and feel something beyond the pretty picture or the scene. The author is moved by responsive images of the common scene especially of his local land of Illinois. This is because the area has fewer stunning features which require one to be imaginative, and this gives one a chance to portray his original composition since he was not exposed to prejudice by the great catalog of images of the famous location.

Though the author did not go to school to study photography, he believes that if a photographer can make something look elegant by his painting, then a natural painting must be spectacular. The article is motivating in that the writer starts from a humble beginning to a promising future where he is teaching in colleges. The article also shows determination to achieve a level of excellence, in that although the writer did not go to school, he takes time to read the articles of other photographers including modern photographers. Thus, I selected the article because I am interested in photographing and the author of the article is encouraging bearing in mind that he has grown and developed in that field.

In conclusion, the article examines the story of a photographer who started from a low level and progressed as he advanced his knowledge and skills in the field of photography.

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