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“The Corporation”: The Idea of the Movie and Analysis

If there will always be dominating, self-serving institutions, why is the corporate rule today any worse than the alternatives?

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The movie The corporation gives us a good and clear description of the main processes peculiar to the economy of the majority of states in the world nowadays. It states the fact that business corporations became the leading power. However, it is not the best possible variant. Taking into account the idea that there always should be the leading power, it is possible to say that business corporation as the dominant institution will lead to the decline of society as only mercantile relations would be appreciated. Moreover, men will take care only about money and benefits, and it will result in the destruction of relations between people.

One person stated that corporations “have no soul to save, nobody to incarcerate. What does this mean?

It is obvious that this statement can be taken as one of the best characteristics of the majority of business corporations nowadays. The first part of the statement means that a corporation does not care about personal feelings, emotions, or some moral aspects of human beings. The only thing it takes into account is a benefit, and that is why all the work of a corporation is subordinated to this issue. Nevertheless, the second part of the statement means that corporations have abilities that are not peculiar to human beings, and that is why accepted norms of behavior cannot be applied to them.

A Monsanto product called Posilac (BST) is an artificial hormone for factory farm cows that increase milk production. How does this product benefit the farmer?

Posilac is a product which is aimed at helping a farmer to obtain more milk. However, as any newly created remedy, it does not function in accordance with the laws of nature. Causing some abnormal changes in the organism of a cow, it, however, also accomplishes its main task. Besides, a farmer should also provide treatment for a cow. This way of increasing the amount of milk seems to be rather strange and not beneficial, however, if a product is still demanded and farmers use it, postils can be called rather efficient and beneficial. This chain of actions can serve as a good example of the functioning of corporations nowadays.

How might capitalists defend such privatizing of the commons?

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There is no use denying the fact that nowadays almost everything has turned into a good which can be sold. That is why it is necessary to be ready to protect some things which are of great value for a person. The first obvious method is a public protest. It is almost impossible to go against a giant international corporation alone. However, it is possible to resist it if society supports a person. Moreover, some laws which protect valuable things should be accepted by the government to protect people from claims of business corporations.

The movie describes different advertising techniques such as students who became walking billboards for a corporation in exchange for college tuition, product branding (e.g., Disney and the concept of “family magic”), real-life product placement. What if anything is wrong with these?

Nowadays, we can observe a great number of people who want to earn money taking part in advertising companies of some huge corporations. Usually, they become walking billboards and promote the services of a company in this way. At first gaze, it seems to be a usual way to earn money. However, another question appears. It is the question of human dignity. Sometimes, jobs of this kind can be rather humiliating and unpleasant for people. Moreover, very often, it is not their fault that they have to earn money in this way. That is why all these advertising companies and people’s participation in them should be rethought.

To what extent do companies have a moral responsibility to limit the use of their products?

It is obvious that companies should take into account the moral and ethic norms that exist in society. It should be absolutely unacceptable for them to work in countries where the dignity of a person is humiliated, and his/her life is threatened. Unfortunately, very often, these issues are ignored as companies want to earn money most of all.

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