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“The Doctor” the Film by Randa Haines


Jack MacKee is one of those doctors, who regard his work as “Get in, fix it and get out”. On the one hand this is the most correct approach to surgery, as there is no place for emotions and feelings in curing patients. As another fictional doctor (Gregory House) told: “you will not hear patient’s complaints if you do not see him, and that will not interrupt making the diagnosis”. On the other hand, emotional attachment is necessary to maintain patient’s competitive spirit, and the will for the life.

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The Approach by Jack Mackee

This approach is originally wrong, as in spite of the well-known cynicism of the doctors, some of them are sincerely interested in the patient’s condition. The approach by Jack MacKee “Get in, fix it and get out” may be useful only for those patients who are unconscious, or in coma. Emotions would not help those who are in vegetative condition.

Taking into account the plot of the movie, I would apply the practice of communicating with patients for my career. This practice is not included into the doctor’s codex, but the codex includes the rule, which states not to upset the patient with deplorable results of the examinations, tests and so on. This rule is obvious, as even Jack MacKee’s example shows, that sympathy is necessary for the patients. The example shows, that when he finds himself diagnosed with cancer, he sees the entire system from the other side ‑ a mechanized, unsympathetic system where the patient’s comfort is the least concern. Surely, there are some instances, when doctors can not devote enough time to their patients because of increased business during epidemics or after catastrophes, or just because of the paper work. However, these are exceptions.

June Ellis

Jack MacKee’s antipode in the movie is June Ellis. She is not a doctor as Jack. She is just a patient with cancer, but she symbolizes the will to life itself, and shows Jack that he was mistaken in his attitude towards patients, as they really need sympathy. Jack realized that this mistake could strike out his entire career, but this realization was too late to correct this mistake.

The doctor patient relations

The doctor patient relations are the central for the medical practice, and this is not because of the emotional maintenance, but patient should clearly realize, that the doctor is competent in this particular sphere, and clearly realizes what the patient’s problem is. This practice is normal for all the clinics in all developed states, and all the young doctors should pay it no less attention than for the diagnosis setting or surgery. As for the surgeries, some of them may be held general anesthesia (only local), in this case it is extremely important to keep in touch with the patient, at least to calm him or her down.

Actually, the doctors who avoid communication with patients may be understood, as thankful patients may send the thankful e-mails, which often contaminate the working mailing, and take too much time, which is highly valued among surgeons.


In conclusion it is necessary to mention, that if there is no possibility to devote enough time for communication, doctors just need not forget to get interested in at least general condition of a patient. It will let one know that she or he is not alone.

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