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The Emerging Issues of Social Media in the Modern Works

From the dawn of oral and written literature, poetry has reflected the social philosophy of the contemporary people. As the leading ideas of society evolve, similar transformations happen to the major topics discussed within the cultural space. The current age is characterized by the rapid technological progress that introduces new features to the daily lives of people, changing them profoundly. The Internet and its services, such social media, messengers, and various electronic products, have become the new reality. They occupy a large portion of people’s time, becoming the preferred activities of millions of individuals. Under these circumstances, the fundamental digital concepts become subject to heavy criticism on various levels. In fact, one of these levels is represented by the cultural domain, as arguments against social media and pervasive online services emerge across different outlets. This paper reviews a selection of several modern works in the forms of poetry, music, and comedic sketches. They are united by the same theme, addressing the emerging issues of social media and extensive gadget use in today’s society.

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The works of contemporary literature and art under review are highly interesting, as they reflect the growing concerns regarding social media and related resources. Their authors’ views extend beyond the immediate impact of digitalization, as they attempt to present a broader context of the discussion. For example, Prince Ea artfully plays with the names of the most popular Apple gadgets: iPhones, iMacs, and iPads. For the author of “Can we auto-correct humanity?”, there is a clear connection between selfishness and excessive use of digital technology. Today, many people prefer to refrain from active social interactions, becoming enclosed in their narrow comfort zones. As described by Marshall Davis Jones, touchscreens become the bottlenecks of interpersonal relationships, as all efforts are channeled through them. In other words, people care more about how they look and what they see on the small digital screen, as compared to real-life matters. As per the ideas that thread throughout these works, it has become the greatest challenge of humanity to look up from the screens and engage in social affairs.

Evidently, the paradox of social media leading to further social isolation is concerning for both experts and the public. For the reviewed authors, their artful presentations become an effective way of reaching a wider audience, attracting its attention to the pressing concerns. In the constant pursuit of “likes”, “reposts”, and social media friends, people tend to forget about the actual friends and meaningful relationships, causing social bankruptcy. Evidently, the degree of the problem has become rather serious, since it has permeated the domain of culture. The number of such works remain on an increase, as talented authors continue to voice their concerns. Aside from the overarching topic, all authors are united by the unique talent of artful presentation. These people are not the first to address the ideas of the crisis of personal interaction, but they resorted to the artistic means to enhance the effect. Unusual formats are bound to attract more attention, and as the audience goes deeper into the artistic value of the piece, it begins to appreciate the message. Furthermore, the idea behind each piece becomes embedded in the listeners’ minds, mediated by the presentation.

Overall, the authors have opted for a suitable, effective format of broadcasting important messages to the public. From one perspective, digital technology introduces unquestionable benefits for society. Especially in the age of COVID-19, people have been able to remain in touch with their friends and families through social media, while continuing to work and study. However, there is always a limit, and the use of digital media should not replace all personal interaction. All of the viewed works do not undermine the advantages of gadgets and online services, but they rightfully warn the audience about the repercussions of social media abuse in a talented form.


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