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The Employee Experience at Southern Cross Healthcare Society


Southern Cross Healthcare Group is the largest non-public health care organization in New Zealand, offering a wide range of various health services to clients, including health, travel, and pet insurance, and private hospitals. It also provides multiple working opportunities for numerous employees. Being a world-known organization, Southern Cross Healthcare Group is focused on the creation of a positive climate and outstanding working conditions to increase specialists’ performance levels and attain better outcomes. The given paper analyses the approach to human resource management adopted by the organization. The essay discusses the major aspects of working at Southern Cross, such as engagement and productivity issues, health and safety regulations, rewards, diversity management, and benefits linked to working in the given organization. In such a way, the purpose of the paper is to outline the essential aspects of working in Southern Cross Healthcare group and to conclude about the effectiveness of practices employed by the company to manage its employees.

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Health and Safety

The organization devotes much attention to health and safety and well-being questions. This filed encompasses regulations and procedures needed to prevent accidents in workplaces and guarantee that workers are satisfied with their current conditions (Southern Cross, 2019). Thus, the Southern Cross is sure that employees who feel their organization cares about their states and wellbeing have a stronger connection to it and are ready to contribute to its development and evolution (Southern Cross Health Society, 2016). For this reason, the group has regulations focused on this aspect and promoting its improvement. For instance, it offers health insurance and wellness programs to consider all specialists’ current needs and guarantee that they do not have fears related to being injured or deprived of appropriate health services (Southern Cross Health Society, 2016). The group also offers practical strategies for stress management presupposing recreational activities, sports, group meetings, and communication, which results in decreased turnover rates and better motivation levels (Southern Cross, 2019). This approach helps to attract new employees and improve the image of the company.

Engagement and Productivity

Effective stress management strategies are also interconnected with engagement and productivity and performance management. This term states activities needed to monitor and enhance employees’ work using different tools (Southern Cross, 2019). In the Southern Cross, engagement is promoted by a specific vision presupposing that satisfaction is closely linked with performance and readiness to work hard (Southern Cross, 2019). For this reason, the organization cultivates the climate and conditions that boost performance and help to avoid problems with low motivation levels or conflict situations that might deteriorate outcomes (Southern Cross, 2019). Better engagement is also guaranteed by clear guidelines and a focus on the promotion of collective effort needed to attain a particular goal and move forward (Southern Cross, 2019). In such a way, an employee feels belonging to a specific organization with unique goals and is ready to collaborate and demonstrate desired results.

Initiatives and Programmes

The Southern Cross Group also introduces some initiatives and programs needed to support high engagement levels and provide the Human Resource department with additional tools to regulate relations within the collective. For instance, Corporate Social Responsibility and specific leadership programs are designed with the central goal to explain to employees the main idea of the group, its importance, and the role they play in improving the lives of people in different communities (BeingWell team, 2019). Leaders also have the chance to improve their skills through understanding the needs of existing groups and learning using the materials provided to them (BeingWell team, 2019). The given approach contributes to the improved human resource management, which is viewed as a strategic approach to effective organization and governing of available workers (BeingWell team, 2019). From the HR perspective, the Southern Cross Group succeeds in establishing numerous programs vital for employees and their future career development and engagement.

Employment and Human Rights

The group also devotes much attention to observing the central issues of human rights, employment regulations, and safety legislation. The Southern Cross proclaims its commitment to health and safety management best practices, and the laws respecting the basic rights of individuals (Southern Cross, 2016). For this reason, all workers are protected and feel safe. Moreover, the health and safety objectives are developed in consultation with workers, meaning that they have an opportunity to cover issues essential for them and avoid being demotivated by some problematic factors (Southern Cross, 2016). The goals established by the Southern Cross are realistic, measurable, attainable, and consistent with the existing best practices (Southern Cross, 2016). It guarantees that all employees feel their ability to affect the work of the group and legislation adopted by it, which becomes one of the advantages of the employed strategy.

Benefits of Diversity

Another factor peculiar to the Southern Cross Group is the focus on diversity and inclusion. The organization views creating an inclusive culture as one of its major priorities and the main tasks that should be achieved (Southern Cross, 2019). The diverse collective has multiple benefits attained due to the combination of various mentalities and cultures (Southern Cross, 2019). The ability to avoid biased attitudes and create climate-boosting collaboration is vital for modern organizations as it helps to move forward and evolve. For this reason, employees in Southern Cross Group benefit from the given approach as they have experience in cooperating with representatives of different cultures and nationalities (Southern Cross, 2019). It means they can enjoy wider career opportunities and continue working in international companies operating in the globalized business environment. At the same time, diversity and inclusion promote better stress management as these strategies reduce the number of conflicts and create a positive climate within the collective.


The Southern Cross Group also provides its employees with an opportunity to engage in different activities and benefit from the high flexibility levels. The company emphasizes the fact that the creation of flexible work environments is vital as it helps to consider the current needs of employees, and factors that can boost their productivity (Johns, 2019). Additionally, workers acquire the chance to try something new and involve in different activities (Southern Cross Health Society, 2016). For this reason, the group uses the approach presupposing consideration of individuals’ diverse needs and their satisfaction. Flexible work options are a serious advantage available to employees. They provide individuals with new opportunities for career development and help to find the field or area that is most attractive to them. At the same time, they acquire experience in different aspects, which is fundamental for their further career building. Under these conditions, the Southern Cross Group accepts the core role of flexibility in the workplace and is ensures that all employees can benefit from it.

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Moreover, the Southern Cross group introduces different reward practices as a part of its human resource management strategy. The company correctly realizes the importance of motivation and tools that can improve it. For this reason, it views reward and remuneration as to major forces affecting the work of specialists (Southern Cross, 2019). First, the group ensures that its workers benefit from the high and competitive salary supported by social packaging and programs to award the most effective workers (Southern Cross, 2019). Second, the Southern Cross offers additional training and new career opportunities for motivated and skilled employees who are ready to evolve, which also can be viewed as effective rewarding practices. Finally, the group monitors the market to avoid problematic issues with salaries and attract new specialists (Southern Cross, 2019). In general, rewards and remuneration are fundamental aspects of the company’s HR management strategy and contribute to higher motivation levels and readiness to contribute to the evolution of the organization in the future.

Support During Covid-19

Finally, the Southern Cross considers the complexity of the current situation associated with the COVID-19 pandemic and the high level of stress caused by it. The organization emphasizes that it continues to provide its services to people to preserve the desired well-being levels. For this reason, it offers a wide range of services to clients and employees. For instance, the Southern Cross suggests financial support for workers in difficult times and is ready to create flexible working conditions and online support to avoid the further deterioration of their states (Southern Cross, n.d.). At the same time, the group assists its employees with health issues and proclaims its readiness to help workers who need some specific medical services. Moreover, it provides psychological support to team members to preserve high levels of motivation and avoid panic. In such a way, the group is ready to face the pandemic and manage its influence on workers.


Altogether, Southern Cross Healthcare Group can be viewed as an organization devoting much attention to working with its employees. The group’s central idea states that a satisfied worker is a more effective worker who contributes to the evolution of the organization. For this reason, the Southern Cross Group is focused on creating a positive working environment and fulfilling the employees’ current needs. It presupposes the focus on diversity, inclusion, and flexibility. The workers acquire multiple benefits, such as improved career development options, reduced stress levels, and better salaries. The focus on these factors also ensures higher engagement and performance levels as workers are highly motivated to do their best.

In such a way, the HR strategy employed by the Southern Cross Healthcare Group can be considered effective. They provide employees with the feeling of belonging to a particular organization and being protected from various stressors. The given approach is also supported by the sufficient rewarding model that cultivates the high motivation levels among the staff and helps them to develop their personal and professional skills. For this reason, the organization’s approach to the aspects mentioned above is practical and contributes to the creation of a positive employee experience.


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