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The Future of Reading


It should be known that e-books and online blogs are definitely going to have an effect on the future of reading books and libraries. This is based on the popularity of e-books and online blogs that has been intensifying in recent years. E-books and online blogs will definitely have foreseeable effects that need to be evaluated and looked at by all stakeholders. This is a technological revolution that comes with various changes and this is a fact that we need to accept.

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The issue of e-books and online blogs having an impact on reading books and libraries is a reality based on the fact that online e-book companies like Amazon have been making profits in recent years. The books migration to digitalization has changed the way books are sold, read and written. As a matter of fact, there is an argument that e-books and online blogs will make it easy for us to buy books but it might also discourage us from reading books.


In a broad perspective, e-books and online blogs have made it possible for various people to consider reading as a social act. Many people are asking about the future of books with the growing popularity of e-books and online blogs. This is a very complex issue that needs to be looked at by all stakeholders because it will definitely have an impact from both scenarios and perspectives. The popularity of e-books has been brought about by various technological advancements that have been hard to resist even in the education sector.

Some years ago, people never imagined that they could be able to read books on their cell phones but this is now a reality and a possibility. The culture of reading is definitely threatened because of this development in e-books and online blogs. In this case, e-books are training us to read in a disjointed and distracted manner and this is not good. Publishing companies and in this case reading books need to be reevaluated. This is as far as writing and publication of these books is concerned.

Writers need to change their writing approaches because of this unique audience that reads online instead of reading in libraries. Libraries encourage people to read deeply unlike online and e-books that don’t have a specific reading area. Digital platforms are coming up every day and writers need to think on how they can be part of this revolution. E-books and online blogs are being promoted by young people who have easily embraced technology because they have grown up with it.

This problem should not be allowed to persist because we still need librarians and publishing companies. There should be efforts to involve all stakeholders in coming up with a good solution. If this is ignored, we are likely to have a scenario where the society might be forced to embrace a new approach to reading that might not support a good culture of reading. This is because we all know that reading in a library gives us a good environment than online books.


People should not assume that the era of publishing companies and libraries is finally over but there is still something that can be done. In this case, the real and notable challenge of writers is the whole aspect of e-readers. Future purchases of books will be based on brief excerpts and this should not worry publishing companies and librarians.

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Printed books have stood the test of time for centuries and a good segment of our population should not dwindle on our culture. As much as e-books and online blogs are a revolution, we should not forget that we need librarians and publishers for sustainability.

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