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The Gold Coast Desalination Plant


It is the Gold Coast Desalination Plant at Tugun that amazes with modern technologies and is the focus of this research paper. It is the most energy-efficient plant in the world that makes the process of desalination possible and useful for thousands of people. The plant is taking the water from the sea and then it undergoes the process of reverse osmosis, then it is rematerialized and is provided to the population. The plant collaborates with the other South East Queensland Water Grid. Disregarding the importance of the plant to the society and its needs, the new policies have been promoted by the government, as Brisbane Times states: ‘plant is set to be mothballed as part of a sweep of state government water grid reforms to cut rising household water bills’ (Brisbane Times, 2010). Of course, the main goal of adopting the latter strategy is saving money in the governmental budget, namely, the new policy will likely save up to $18 million per year. It is supposed that the region’s dam capacity should bear the major function of water supply however if its capacity lowers to 60 percent, it is important that the plant is always on standby mode and can be started up in 72 hours again. This issue has been elaborated on explicitly in media: its history and outcomes are spoken about by Peter Frazer in his article ‘Soaked State Welcomes Desal Handover’ (2010). Also, it is remarkable that tan average citizen can understand the plant’s supply facilities through the article ‘Desalination’ by Water Secure that explicitly explains the process water undergoes before appearing in citizens’ homes and businesses. The key character is The Natural Resources Minister, Stephen Robertson thothroughom the policy’s advancement is implemented within pub the lic sphere and practice. It is evident that the changes made present a successful public policy outcome, namely: ‘next year’s bulk water charge will be around $5 less than previously announced – $54 down from $59’, said Mr. Robertson (ANA, 2010). The important fact is that there are plenty of sources that elucidate new policies. As such, Patrick Lion’s ‘Tugun Desalination Plant to be Mothballed, Execs Face Axe in Bid to Cut Water Bills’ that struggles to explain other facilities’ and plant’s need for the money saved due to new policies: ‘Bligh Government also forced to mothball hundreds of millions of dollars worth of other plants in a desperate bid to cut water bills’ (Lion, 2010). Moreover, the changes are meant successful within public policies as per Fraser Fraser as well: ‘We understand the stresses on household budgets right now. That’s why we have taken some tough steps to help reduce water price increases’ (Sunshine Coast Daily, 2010).

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The History of the Plant

In October 2010, the Bligh government took ownership of the Gold Coast Desalination Plant at Tugun. This ultimate goal has been multiplying challenged throughout eighteen months. However, once the ownership was taken, two months later the plant was placed on standby mode. Moreover, the further advancement of the problem is that ‘Seqwater and WaterSecure – will be merged into “a more streamlined, cost-efficient operation” from 1 July 2011’ confirmed Andrew Fraser, Stephen Robertson, and minister for trade (D&WR, 2010).

Policy Circle

The policy cycle in this particular case has been thoroughly kept to. As per the stages of the cycle which of course, happen to be fractal and recurrent, it is explicitly seen how the actors implemented all stages of the classified types of behavior within the political process. The cyclical process of this specific public policy is likely to return to social issues over and over again disregarding its political origin.


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