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Zero-Size Intelligence: Essential Benefits

Science and technological development of the modern world provides individuals with numerous opportunities. Today, people can instantly share information, talk to one another being on different continents, and others. This state of affairs was only a dream a few decades ago, but humanity still keeps improving its technology. Zero-size intelligence is one of the latest advancements, and it can provide people with essential benefits in computational and medical spheres.

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To begin with, one should comment on what zero-size intelligence is. Even though the word zero can provoke some negative thoughts, it is positive and refers to the size of computers and their brains. This kind of technology stipulates that devices tend to diminish in size, which can eventually make them tiny and almost invisible with the help of atom-powered transistors. In this scenario, people can witness the essential benefits of zero-size intelligence. On the one hand, the smaller size of computer brains is accompanied by these devices’ increased computational abilities. On the other hand, Jaakkola et al. (2017) explain that this technology provides non-destructive “access to such parts of the human body that are unreachable in traditional human hand touch-based medicine” (p. 638). In addition to that, zero-size intelligence contributes to the more active development and application of artificial body parts in medicine.

In conclusion, zero-size intelligence is an essential technological development for the whole world. It stipulates that computers tend to diminish in size, while the scope of their capabilities keeps increasing. This fact means that people only need small chips to cope with functions that needed personal computers, tablets, or smartphones a few years ago. Finally, zero-size intelligence results in benefits in the medical sphere because it allows to create artificial organs and safely access every human body part.


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