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Nervous System: Body Sensory System


Our body is a complex made up of systems that aid in its functions; these systems are coordinated by an overall system known as the nervous system. Using sense, the nervous system sends reaction messages to organs for necessary action. The human body has built-in senses that are used in detecting any change in the normal functioning of other systems. In case of danger, a trigger is generated and corrective measure is taken by the body. There is the sense of touch, smell, sight, taste, and hearing. These are external. Internally, there are sensory systems that regulate levels of chemicals that help support life (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2007).

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Scientific research has been undertaken to find out how the nervous system reinvents its communication with muscle after sensory loss. The body function of collecting information from all over the body and transmitting it to the muscles can be disrupted. When there is information change due to external factors, the nervous system sends new information to the muscles and they act accordingly. At Georgia Tech and Emory researchers set out to establish how the response is changed by sensory harm. This was done using electrical signals in the muscles. Using findings from animals they researched, they were able to observe that after a period of therapy, the nerves were able to react transporting the suitable message. In the experiment, the Georgia Tech researchers theoretically thought that the body and the surroundings are correlated. A shift in the body gravity point would determine the reply as contrasting to the motion of body parts. The study found that persons who had impaired nerves used substitute sensory pathways to trail the motion of the body’s stability (Biology online, 2009).

Main Body

The nervous system can be compared to a computer system. The brain is central can be the processor while the peripheral systems can be the network. But in the computer, only electronic messages are transmitted while in the nerve neuron, chemicals can also be relayed. In the finding of Georgia Tech researchers, they suggested that the breakthrough can be used in patients. A patient can be diagnosed and the combination of nerve and muscle can be predicted. This helps both the physician and the patient to set realistic goals and facilitate recovery. Damages to the nervous system or the sensory organ can lead to balance problems. Little knowledge is found in the communication between the nervous system and muscle that is associated with balance changes especially when information is missing (Medical look, 2009).

The research can create a way to determine how nerves relay to muscles using electrical signals when changes occur to the muscle due to injury. The challenge is to establish how the gaps are filled. They used the theory that there is a relation between the body’s center of gravity and its surroundings to control posture. Predicting muscle behavior in an imbalance threat is not a movement of body parts, but the movement of the center of gravity. The research was tested using computer simulation (Saylor and Saylor, 2009).


It is a step in the right direction to research the nervous system as this is the driver of all other systems. Without a robust nervous system, the body can result in being dysfunctional leading to poor growth and health. Research in this area although costly helps to get patients back on their feet again.

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