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Spotlight on the Civil Rights Act of 1964


The Civil Rights Act adopted in 1964 is considered to be a US legislation piece outlawing racial segregation in publicity and labor. The act is the principle step made by the Americans in their way to antiracism propaganda. Nevertheless the notes of racial discrimination are centralized in the country due to the latest frequent intercultural conflicts. The conflict between the group of DWI owning the Egyptian themed hotel “The Queen of the Nile” and anti-Arab groups appeared to contradict the titles of the Civil Rights Act and strengthening the rate of international conflict on the territory of the USA.

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According to the title II of the Civil Rights Act protection on the territory of the USA should be provided to:

  • People of color;
  • National minorities;
  • Representatives of non-American cultures living in the USA. (Civil Rights Act: Injunctive Relief against Discrimination in Public Places)

The violence on the part of anti-Arab sentiment representatives was expressed against the representatives of Middle East culture living in the USA. The threats were aimed at the damages of the DWI property and services as well as the guests of the company hotel. It is necessary to underline the fact that according to the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the title II, the discrimination against color, race or religion is completely prohibited; this aspect concerns all public places such as hotels and entertainment places. Legally the representatives of DWI have right to call to the Department of Justice in order to weaken or stop threats and violations. The guests of the hotel are to be protected in accordance with the main positions provided by the Civil rights act; the representatives of different nationalities and minorities living on the territory of the USA have legal right to be protected against any level of violence.

It should be stressed that the threats against the property and guests of the hotel were merely followed by bombing and personal violence until the moment of Arabs’ stop being perceived as the representatives of Arab Americans group.

From the ethical point of view the actions against DWI property and visitors of the hotel contradict established norms of American society. The period of sharp national discrimination was experienced long time ago and contemporary ethical aspects allow the nationalities and minorities to enjoy the advantages of democratic life in the USA.

Main body

The situation under analysis is the attack of the constitution title of the country; the actions of the DWI are to be aimed at the compliance to the court of Justice. The title II requires strict obedience otherwise the violation against the national statute will be analyzed. The Arab nation representatives of the DWI hotel are to be provided security for the period. The Board is to act in accordance with the Constitution regulations interfering with intercultural conflicts in public places. The trial against the groups of anti-Arab sentiment interests is to be fulfilled in accordance with all national regulations of the USA. (Ferrel & Fraedrich, 2001)

The threats to the hotel property and to the people of Middle East cultures resulted in great damages and human injuries. One should underline the fact that Arabs are to be involved into the national security program developed by the Board allowing people to get a certain level of protection against the violence. The Civil Rights Act is aimed at the insurance of the safety for people of color and national minorities; as a result any violence against this rule should be perceived as the violence and disobedience of state law and Constitution of the USA.

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