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The Impact of the DNP on an EBP Culture

Primary care needs are going to expand worldwide, and there will be a significant shortage of physicians, nurse practitioners in the future. DNP-prepared nurses are intended to fill that void and make a substantial impact on evidence-based practice (EBP) culture. The DNP can teach a nurse how to apply various tools to be able to change the healthcare environments around for the better. The purpose of this essay is to unleash the potential of nursing research as a significant contribution to enhancing medical services and thus improving the quality of health care.

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Due to an in-depth understanding of the healthcare process, DNP-prepared nurses can make a significant contribution to improving the treatment process of a medical institution. One of the significant outcomes of DNP education is that a graduate can become a leader among other medical workers.

Moreover, according to Trautman, Idzik, Hammersla, and Rosseter (2018), “DNP programs focus heavily on practice that is innovative and evidence-based, reflecting the application of credible research findings” (para. 12). Doctorate degree-nurses are trained to apply various models and methods of the EBP into their work.

There are numerous methods that the DNP-prepared nurses can use in their working processes, such as case studies, and correlational research design. The first one is aimed at analyzing the characteristics and complexity of one particular case (LoBiondo-Wood & Haber, 2017). Correlational research design is an instrument aimed at obtaining quantitative data and studying the relationship between variables. It is possible to note that doctorate degree-holders are willing to provide the highest level of healthcare.

They are educated with “the requisite skills to bridge the gap between research and practice” (Sebach & Chunta, 2018, p. 302). They can evaluate and integrate the information obtained into the work critically.

The DNP empowers and gives the tools to make a change in healthcare. It is about the quality improvement of a nurse as a professional. DNP-prepared nurses are willing to be leaders who can bring the research from statistics and databases to a daily clinical practice and interactions. DNP graduates should navigate the healthcare system to help solve problems and to improve overall patient outcomes at the highest level.


LoBiondo-Wood, G., & Haber, J. (2017). Nursing research-E-book: Methods and critical appraisal for evidence-based practice (9th ed.). St. Louis, MO: Elsevier Health Sciences.

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